[Updated] PCN Cycle from Sengkang Punggol to Marina Bay Sands to Gardens By The Bay to East Coast to Changi


Cycling is very fun via our PCN (Park Connector Network).  Sengkang and Punggol are blessed to have very good park connectors that enable residents to jog or cycle to other parts of singapore.

You can actually make a LOOP from Sengkang to Punggol to Hougang to Macpherson to Kallang to Marina Bay Sands to Gardens By The Bay to East Coast Parkway to Tanah Merah Coastal Road to Changi to Pasir Ris to Punggol.  Total about 67 kilometers.  Casual cycling takes about 6-7 hours.  if you go by Jogging, hmmm unknown duration !!! (it is more than a marathon !!! unless you are training for ironman ! )

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Eat Eat Eat all the way from SengKang to Punggol 從盛港吃吃吃到榜鵝 for Foodies

if not, let’s get started…

This is the one of the nicest picture you can take for your bike ;).

Btw, i am an amateur cyclist who just bought a mountain bike from a friend’s shop.  i made this unplanned loop one day when i went out cycling from Sengkang to Hougang for breakfast.  When i saw Circuit Road Hawker was quite near, i decided to give it a shot.  After breakfast, i saw Kallang was also nearby…and when i reached Kallang, the PCN was so inviting that i continued one after another.  And the rest was History:  i made a loop from Sengkang to MBS to Gardens by the Bay to Marina Barrage to East Coast to Changi to Pasir Ris and back to Punggol.   Made an unforgettable personal impression on my memory lane in Life.

For those who wants to make this loop, it is advisable to have more training and exercise before embarking on this cycling trip.  if you have time and ride slowly, you should be able to complete it.  Remember to eat properly and hydrate yourself with lots of water during the trip.  Good luck !!!  Enjoy the best sight seeing by bike !

You can start at Sungei Serangoon PCN along Sengkang East Drive at the Green Dot in the map (Below)
( Opposite Blk 122 Sengkang East Way, Postal Code 540122 ).  The first part of the loop is quite DRY, it is about getting to Kallang.  And it is where all the real Actions starts.

If you are impatient, just scroll straight to the middle portion !

Starting point at green dot above, cycle along the Riverbanks of Sungei Serangoon Park Connector towards Hougang (Serangoon Park Connector)

After you crossed the bridge connecting Sungei Serangoon Park Connector and Serangoon Park Connector, keep left and continue to cycle along the riverbanks (parallel to Hougang Ave 7) until you reached traffic junction of Tampines road, where you need to cross to the other side towards PCN along Hougang Ave 3.

Most of the time, you can see PCN signs on the path to tell you which direction to go.

This part of the PCN at Hougang Ave 3 is beside the roads, but once you reach Kallang area, then it will become very scenic along each section of the PCN.  One PCN leads to the other PCN, and before you know it , you reach Marina Bay Sands.   From Hougang Ave 3 , turn right to ride along Airport Road (when u see Element Building)

BreadTalk IHQ Building is located 15 Tai Seng Street.  There are a good number of eateries in the vicinity.  if it is not too early in the morning, you can go to its Republic Food Court or Din Tai Fung or So 創 restaurants or you can hop by Tai Seng 18 Building (located at 18 Tai Seng Street) where there are 3 Michelin-starred Restaurants.  You will be spoilt for choice.   Try Soy Sauce Chicken Rice at Hawker Chan, Truffle oil blended Shoyu Ramen at Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles or Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan.  A lot of other eateries, a good place for breakfast , lunch & dinner too !  Otherwise, you can go to Circuit Road Hawker Centre which is just around the corner.

From Breadtalk IHQ, cross diagonally opposite.  Turn right before the Shell Petrol station to Balam Park Connector. The following PCN section will be along Pelton Canal.

Just ride along Balam Park Connector until you reach “Pitt Stop” at Circuit Road Hawker Centre Blk 79 / 79A for food and water.    Only a few stalls are operating in the morning, and gets warmed up before lunch where more stalls are opened.

From Circuit Road Hawker Centre Blk 79/79A, ride along Pelton Canal.   You will have to push your bike up two Overhead Bridge with “Bicycle side lane” to cross busy multiple laned PIE Expressway.

After crossing PIE, ride along Pelton Canal Park Connector.  Keep going and you will be riding along Kallang Park Connector (by Kallang River) until you reach Kallang MRT station.

At Kallang MRT, go to the nearest traffic light (Geylang Lorong 1) make a small loop via Geylang Lorong 1Geylang Road and cross a small bridge towards Kallang Riverside Park North.  Your sight seeing adventure begins here !!!!  Beautiful patches of Greenery,  Trees, Plants, Nature, Water…..

And soon you will be greeted by our National Stadium , Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Indoor Stadium !

Take out your phone or camera to take pictures or selfies.  Remember to bring spare Powerbanks as your device is going to be low batt in no time !!

Nicoll Highway underpass

You will see kayakers paddling in Kallang Basin River.   Air now is much much Fresher and Cooler !

As you travel along Marina Promenade Park Connector….   And by chance, you may find groups of shutterbugs (Photo Enthusiasts) trying to take pictures of some object from a distance !!!  (near Nicoll Highway)

And the Superstars were OTTERs.  The following photo is not so well defined as it is taken with an Iphone without the Zoom Lens !  Heard that families of Otters have found their homes near Kallang River.  A very good News!!!

Otters @ Nicoll Highway

As you travel further on Marina Promenade Park Connector,  Tanjong Rhu & Singapore Flyer & Marina Bay Sands are within sight, but a distance away.   And on the other side of the path is Suntec City area.

Tanjong Rhu & Singapore Flyer

Suntec City

Under Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Once you go pass or rather under the majestic Benjamin Sheares Bridge, you have the chance to ride on the fastest tracks in the world – the F1 tracks!!!  Provided it is off F1 season 😉   Make a pitt stop if you want !  Have a rest and sip of water before you go.  Take pictures with the Singapore Flyer before proceeding to the Helix Bridge (via an underpass).  Then cross the Helix Bridge to reach Marina Bay Sands !!!

F1 Pitt Building

Now, you can see Flower Domes of Gardens By the Bay and Marina Bay Sands in close distance

Flower Domes and Super Trees

Singapore Flyer and my bike (at left bottom corner)

Interesting Fact from Singapore Marathon: The Singapore Flyer was initially rotating in Counter-Clockwise Direction but was reversed on the advice of Feng Shui Masters

Marina Bay Sand and ArtScience Museum , picture taken from viewpoint at Helix Bridge

Marina Bay Floating Platform

After Marina Bay Sands, head down to Garden By the Bay , West Gate.  if you have time, roam around the gardens and the Super Trees,   If you want to see more,  pop into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome.

Cloud Forest Dome, Gardens By the Bay

Go slightly further from Gardens by the Bay,  you reach Marina Barrage.  Bring along a kite if you wish to FLY freely in the wind !

View from Marina Barrage

View from top level of Marina Barrage

From Marina Barrage , cross the Marina Bridge to get to Gardens By the Bay (East) Park Connector (Next to Marina Golf Course.  Cycle toward Benjamin Sheares Bridge to connect towards East Coast Park.

Breath-taking View From Gardens Bay East.   From the opposite side of riverbank. Cycle upwards toward ECP expressway and connect to East Coast Park Connector

On reaching East Coast Park, just travel eastwards and enjoy the SEAVIEW and SEA BREEZE !!!  Watch the SHIPS IN THE QUEUE at the ocean line.  Blue Skies, the Sun, the Sand, and the Sea with kids playing on the beach !

A Yellow Tower with spiral stairs that offers a higher viewpoint

It is quite a long path eastwards towards Tanah Merah Coastal Road.  A good Pitt Stop will be at East Coast Lagoon Food Village Hawker Centre.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village Hawker Centre.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village Hawker Centre. Famous Duck Rice Stall

Super Nice Duck Rice Set with 2 types of Chilli

End of East Coast Park is linked to Tanah Merah Coastal Road Park Connector.   Used to have a Changi Coastal Road Connector, but it is now closed due to construction !  Have to make a slightly bigger loop using Tanah Merah Coastal Park Connector.  It’s Straight Line Path Portion is about 15km.   This PART of LAND SPACE is literally at the EAST END OF SINGAPORE.

The seemingly endless Straight Line portion of Tanah Merah Coastal Road Park Connector. About 15km. if you ride in the day and with a blazing sun, you need lots of water. Luckily, i got myself a big packet of Sugar Cane Juice from East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre. Did you noticed that i finished the whole packet midway through the straight line.

Very Breezy !!! Beautiful SEA view. Sugar Cane Juice finished, left with only lemon in the plastic bag

This is the only few Red Shelter along the Straight Line of Tanah Merah Coastal Road Park Connector. No Big trees, just small plants. This is one of the shady area you can find. Have a short rest from the scorching sun before pressing on towards Changi. Remember to get some sunscreen lotion to avoid getting sunburnt !

Finally reached Changi Beach Park, and you know you are near Changi Village Food Hawker Centre

if you have time, got for the Changi Point Coastal Walk. It is very nice.

A well deserved Pitt Stop at Changi Village Hawker Centre. Top up your “Fuel” tank, eat and drink…. , need to travel another 15km to reach Punggol via Pasir Ris from here.

Famous Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken and Fried Fish, with ikan bills and egg, plus the setup samba chilli.

Add a chilled Young Coconut to your Fuel Tank !!!

From Changi Hawker Centre, travel straight down via Loyang Ave.  Take a shortcut if you want at Loyang Lane where you will pass by famous Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple.  Cut across Loyang Way and Loyang Drive and head toward Pasir Ris Drive 3 using a small bridge near Edwards Building.   Otherwise , just go along Loyang Ave and you will eventually connect to Pasir Ris Drive 3.

Loyang Tua Pek Kong

Shortcut : bridge over canal that Loyang Drive to Pasir Ris Drive 3. near Edwards Building

Cycle along Pasir Ris Drive 3 towards Downtown East and Pasir Ris MRT.  All the way until Pasir Ris Drive 3 meets Pasir Ris Drive 12. after Pasir Ris Faraway 1, there is a Canal.  Take the right side of Canal and you are on Pasir Ris Faraway 3 Park Connector, which leads all the way to Lorong Halus Wetland.

You will pass by path leading to Pasir Ris Park, go there is you are free.  if not, keep to Pasir Ris Drive 3 towards Pasir Ris Faraway 3 Park Connector

At this stretch from Paris Ris Farmway 3 (to Punggol), if you are lucky, you may be able to see Wild Boar family roaming around the other side of the Canal. If you are Super Lucky, then you will bum into them on the same Side. I personally have seen them a few times. Usually they are not aggressive unless provoked.

Pasir Ris Farmway 3 leads all the way to Loring Halus Wetland.  Will cross 2 roads without traffic lights.  Just be careful and watch out for cars & lorries before crossing.  After crossing bridge from Lorong Halus Wetland to Punggol, turn left to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk Park Connector.


Lorong Halus Wetland

Lorong Halus Wetland Pavillion

Bridge that connect Lorong Halus to Punggol

After crossing bridge from Lorong Halus Wetland to Punggol, turn left to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk Park Connector

@PUNGGOL, an area with lots of eateries along Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk Park Connector. More happening after 6pm after the sun sets.

After passing under TPE Expressway, you will be on Sungei Serangoon Park Connector. You will noticed these GIANT PANDAN PLANTS with GIANT ROOTS and can grow taller than Trees. Many such GIANT PANDANs together with bushes of smaller pandans, it is like Sensory Gardens that excites your sense of Smell. Very Fragrant Breeze as you cycle !

Crossed the Finishing Line where we started. Hurray!!!   All the way from from Sengkang to Hougang to Macpherson to Kallang to Marina Bay Sands to Gardens By The Bay to East Coast Parkway to Tanah Merah Coastal Road to Changi to Pasir Ris to Punggol and back to Sengkang !!!  Total about 67 km !!!. A very enjoyable Cycling Loop with lots of sight seeing, makan (eating) and photo-taking.  A Super Great day indeed !   Have a good Rest and keep Fit and stay Healthy !!!

i have made it to the finishing line!

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