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Hi, we are owners of www.SengkangToPunggol.sg.  Thank you for visiting our website!

We are S.K.Yeo & Jacqueline, a Husband-and-Wife Real Estate / Property Agents team with ERA.

We are residents in Sengkang for more than 20 years and naturally, we focused & specialised in our neighbourhood and have sold many properties in Sengkang and Punggol.  We created this website for our real estate business to share posts about Properties from Sengkang to Punggol 從盛港到榜鵝. That's how we got the name of our website !

S.K.Yeo started www.SengkangToPunggol.sg in 2016 and traffic has grown substantially from 10K visitors (2016) to 110K visitors (2019) to 293K visitors (2020).  The below website traffic chart snapshots.

www.SengkangToPunggol.sg, is ranked Top 3 organically for Google/Yahoo with about 293,600 views & 191,000 visitors in a year and an average of 25,000 views & 16,000 visitors per month.   SengkangToPunggol Facebook Page have grown to have about 8000 Likes & Followers.

Our hobbies include eating good food, cycling and travelling.  As a resident property agent, we always travel to different parts of Sengkang and Punggol for property viewings, and we began to share on alot about places we go, food we eat in Sengkang & Punggol on our website.  We love to eat eat eat 😉 Foodies !!!

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S.K.Yeo  Assoc Senior Marketing Director with ERA

杨顺锦, 從盛港到榜鵝房屋地产经纪中介, ERA

S.K.Yeo graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1995 and was an Executive Software Engineer before joining the real estate industry in 2006.  He was married to Jacqueline Loh in 2001 and has two teenage children (studying in Polytechnic).  楊順錦在1995年畢業于新加坡國立大學, 在2006年加入房地產行業之前 在跨國公司擔任執行軟體工程師. 楊順錦已有14 年以上的房屋地產經驗。楊順錦和羅玲玲在2001年結婚,已有兩个上理工学院的孩子。

SKYeo-1S.K.Yeo and Jacqueline have been active in sports and adventures. 楊順錦和羅玲玲都喜歡運動和旅遊


Jacqueline Loh,  Assoc Senior Marketing Director with ERA

羅玲玲, 從盛港到榜鵝房屋地产经纪中介, ERA

Jacqueline was very good in sports and rock climbing. She travelled to USA, Australia, Krabi to climb in her leisure. 羅玲玲曾經代表新加坡出國參加攀岩比賽,也曾到美國,澳洲,泰國去攀爬山岩。


In December 2018, we ticked our bucket list for SkyDiving at Fox Glacier (New Zealand).

S.K.Yeo and Jacqueline have 14+ years of full-time real estate experience as property agents. They are experienced in handling Contra (Buy & Sell at same time), Divorce / Bankruptcy / Grant of Probate / Letter of Administration / Court Order Cases.

楊順錦和羅玲玲都有十四年以上的全職房屋地產經驗。服务专业,行动快,效率高。擁有豐富經驗處理 - 對敲(同時買又賣) 離婚与破產案件 & 法律和銀行貸款安排。


6TH TOP PRODUCER in May 2009.
2ND TOP PRODUCER in June 2009.
10TH TOP PRODUCER in Aug 2009
15TH POSITION out of 7000 AGENTS, 2009
TOP 100 ACHIEVERS in 2010.
30TH TOP PRODUCER in May 2011.
TOP 100 ACHIEVERS in 2011.
28TH TOP PRODUCER in May 2012.

In 2019, S.K.Yeo was awarded ASIA PACIFIC ELITE AWARD WINNER 2018 , achieving TOP 5% Out of 6600+ Agents in ERA Realty Singapore.  This award was presented at 2019 ERA Asia Pacific Business Conference on 21st February 2019.

28th Feb 2017: Asia Pacific Elite Award & achieving TOP 5% Out of 6000+ Agents in Year 2016

8th Feb 2018: Asia Pacific Elite Award & achieving TOP 5% Out of 6000+ Agents in Year 2017

21st Feb 2019: Asia Pacific Elite Award & achieving TOP 5% Out of 6000+ Agents in Year 2018

As a Resident Property Agent in Sengkang & Punggol, we have sold many HDB flats and private properties in Sengkang & Punggol. 

We have engaged S.K.Yeo for many of our private property buying and selling transactions.  He is very responsible, helpful and fast-acting. Updates regularly about the sales process.  Always remember to switch off all electricity in our unit (We ever saw our neighbour's balcony light on for several weeks -- not switched off by their agents).  Overall a smooth process. Achieve a better price than we expected.  As we are very busy individuals, he was very accommodating to our timing, a A+ service.  Kudos to S.K.Yeo !
- Mr & Mrs Tan, Condo Sellers and Buyers. 

Mr Yeo Soon Kin is a diligent, sincere, and knowledgeable agent who had been instrumental in helping us to ensure a smooth and fuss-free transaction for our HDB property. Right from day one, he was very clear and patient in explaining the entire process and stages involved in the sale of HDB property to ensure a smooth experience for the sale of our unit.

I would like to highlight the extreme professionalism and detailed care that Mr Yeo S.K. has shown to us in helping us handle the sale of our first home. Right from the beginning, he guided us through the necessary steps and managed the timeline for our move. The experience Mr Yeo S.K. brought with him, coupled with his humble approach and disposition, went a long way to ensure everyone was satisfied with the outcome of the transaction.

Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Yeo S.K. for his dedication, prompt service, and quick follow-up actions to accede to our requests. His wealth of experience and customer-oriented approach makes him an excellent, reliable agent who could be trusted to do his best.
Vincent & Belinda, Sengkang HDB Property Sellers

We decided to engage Mr SK Yeo to sell our 4rm unit in Punggol after reading up on his past testimonials, studying his background and also a face to face meet up to discuss the processes and timeline involved. Being a specialist in the Punggol/Sengkang area, we were convinced he has the knowledge and experience to market our property in the best possible manner.

Throughout the period that he was marketing our unit, he has proven to be a very efficient, responsive and professional realtor. He keeps us updated in advance of viewings and does his best to coordinate viewings to the convenience of both buyers and sellers. He is very resourceful and has a vast network of co-agent colleagues and ready buyers, so that our unit receives the maximal exposure.

He fights tirelessly for the highest price possible and is a shrewd negotiator, while keeping his clients in the loop constantly. Due to his diligence, he has assisted us to run errands to HDB Hub, collected cheques and deposited them on our behalf, all of them done without us having to worry.

Mr SK Yeo and Ms Jacqueline Loh work hand in hand, complementing each other seamlessly. They are always contactable, even when they are overseas, they would make arrangements to look after our interests and always putting their customers first. When you engage them, you are actually getting two agents to look after your needs but paying only one commission.  In summary, Mr SK Yeo and Ms Jacqueline Loh make an outstanding team. We strongly recommend them if you need a realtor who is highly responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and professional for your housing needs.
- Kevin & Angela, Punggol HDB Property Sellers

We wish to send in our feedback and commend agent SK.Yeo (杨顺锦) for his excellent services provided to us in the sale of our HDB.  Agent Yeo was efficient, patient and knowledgeable throughout the sale process of our HDB flat. With just one viewing, we managed to find a suitable buyer ahead of our expected timeline! He was prompt and responsive to our queries, had always put our interests first and assisted us with negotiating favorable terms with the buyer. We were very pleased with his services in the resale process.  S.K.Yeo is an exceptional agent whom we highly recommend to when one is looking for a trustworthy, honest and professional housing agent.
- Aaron & Sharon, Punggol HDB Property Sellers.

We are really grateful to have Mr S.K.Yeo as our agent for the sale of our house in Seng Kang. He is by far the most professional and helpful agent we met. With him representing us in the sale of our house, we felt an assurance that the transactions will be done well and smoothly. He is a trustworthy agent who truly acts in the interest of the party he represents. He also knows his stuff well, and is able to explain patiently in great detail. His professionalism, astute judgement and experience in real estate transactions shone throughout the entire sale procedure. As a result of his help, we were able to sell our house fairly quickly and was able to secure a good buyer who was willing to accommodate to our needs in terms of move-out date. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as our agent and would not hesitate to recommend him to others, having had such a great experience. Kudos to his great work and a BIG Thank You once again to Mr S.K.Yeo!
- Suasanne Ho & Amanda, Sengkang HDB Property Sellers.

I have made a mistake of hiring my friend's agent, she wasted alot of my time.   if i have known you earlier, my flat would have been sold much earlier.  Anyway, i am still lucky to engage you as my agent and you sold off my flat for me.  
- Mdm Tan, Punggol HDB Property Seller.

黄金夫妻档,你,值得信赖!  非常幸运,我们全家将屋子委托给杨氏夫妇办理,因为他们的守护,让我们得到了很好的售价;因为他们的守护,让我们深爱的屋子得到很好的归属。



- 盛港组屋賣主 - 吳先生及夫人 https://www.meipian.cn/ak8rqrw

i’m penning this correspondence in expression of my joy, gratitude and appreciation of the work of Mr Yeo.  When our paths first crossed in August 2017, nothing much came out of it. i was very motivated to sell and Mr Yeo came across as a nice soothing balm to my over-reaching tendencies; unfortunately due to a lack of legality on the part of my father, our nascent partnership in the sale had little traction though he offered sound professional advice in lieu of the sale.

Fast forward to September 2018. i was an angry, frustrated and desperate seller with the requirements for a sale to be effected and exercised. i had the legal representation for my father and had already went through two different agents in my bid to find a buyer. By the time Google search pro-offered SK Yeo as its top pick, i was on auto-pilot mode.

Mr Yeo replied to my tentative yet probing WhatsApp query with speed and courtesy. He remembered me from nearly a year ago and asked how’s the condition of my father. That struck something in me; he was the only agent to know it wasn’t angst but urgency that shaped the tone of my query. More importantly and the deal-breaker for me was that he followed-up with care and concern of me and my mother and not of the speed of my commitment.

His calm yet confident demeanour got my trust and belief and finally on 9 October 2018, i put pen to the paper to engage and secure the service and marketing expertise of Mr Yeo. it would turn out to be the turning point in my efforts to sell and secure funding for my father’s palliative care.

Mr Yeo works fast. That’s the superlative description of the actual simplicity of it. By dusk of the 9th, he had arranged for a viewing of the unit. it took him all of a day to realise there’s an impediment in the marketing of the unit while the others before were oblivious to the obvious.

The unit had to be cleaned. And cleared. Mr Yeo bunkered down, rolled up his sleeves literally and got going. An hour and a little later, the house was spick and span and both bathrooms were showflat-worthy; all made possible by Mr Yeo literally getting his hands and feet dirty while i cleared the clutter in the kitchen and the bedroom. All the while Mr Yeo explained in his usual way why it had to be done.

it paid off. There was an offer right the very next day from the very demographic he was aiming for; alas the offer wasn’t to anybody’s expectations but this time i didn’t feel despondent. i was so touched that i began to feel hopeful again.

12 October 2018. He did it!! Option To Purchase was signed. His calm, unhurried confidence closed the deal and with it my sense of doom and gloom. His experience and salesmanship coupled with his real actual love of this district turned the viewer into a buyer of my soon to be previous abode.

Beyond the confirmation of the purchase offer, Mr Yeo extended his hand and friendship to lift the burden of my heaving and sagging shoulders. There were some humps and bumps along the way to the eventual meeting at the HDB hub but like an elegant BMW, he helped me ride through it all.

Completion date, 3 January 2019. He made it!! My heartfelt gratitude for all of his work and efforts to ensure i could finally close that chapter of life at that unit and move ahead happily with my family and the buyer is now the owner of a flat he would call home.

Mr Yeo Soon Kin works fast and efficiently with just the most simplest and elegant touches. His zeal for what he does is reflected in the very way he lives. He more than walks the talk. He lives and breathe Sengkang and Punggol and that truly elevates him from others whose lives are dependent on a sale yet does not know the district that gives them breath.

My Mother and myself thank you Mr Yeo for all you did and we are proud and happy to have you as a friend.
Mdm Tsai Nan Yi & Victor Quah, Sengkang HDB Property Sellers


If you have intention to sell your HDB or Private Properties in Sengkang & Punggol, you want to know

  • How much can my house sell ?
  • What is the valuation of my house ?
  • How fast can my house be sold?
  • Should I buy first or sell first?
  • My keys to my new HDB, EC or Condo is coming, when should I start selling?

You can call or whatsapp/sms S.K.Yeo ERA at 93667373 for these answers.

if you are using your mobile phone now, you can have a free chat with S.K.Yeo now with one click.

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If you are currently selling your HDB or Private Properties in Sengkang & Punggol, and you are facing these issues

  • No results after many weeks or months.
  • No viewing or very few viewings.
  • No offer or unreasonably low offer
  • Your Property has been in the market for very very long.
  • No feedback/communication with your current agent.
  • Current agent doesn't seems to be working.
  • Current agent seems not professional, and not up to your expections.

You can call or whatsapp/sms S.K.Yeo ERA at 93667373 for some advice.

if you are using your mobile phone now, you can have a free chat with S.K.Yeo now with one click.

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No obligation,  No strings attached. Means you can choose not to engage S.K.Yeo after your chat with him.


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服务專業, 行动快, 效率高。咨询热线:93667373 (免費詢问)


In the event that you decide to engage us, and anytime you feel that we are not meeting your requirements, you can terminate us.  No Question Ask !  We give this worry-free guarantee protection to our clients.

We are very confident that our 20+years Sengkang Punggol Neighbourhood knowledge, 13+years Real Estate Experience, and PROVEN Sales Track Records & Strategies will make you our next satisfied customer!  Hear from you soon !

For collaboration / partnership / sponsor / advertisement / write-up or any other matters, you may Call / Sms / WhatsApp S.K.Yeo at 93667373.