[Updated] Eat Eat Eat all the way from SengKang to Punggol 從盛港吃吃吃到榜鵝。美食推荐


My Personal List of Good & Nice & Best Food to eat eat eat from Sengkang to Punggol ! 從盛港吃吃吃到榜鵝盛港榜鵝最好吃的美食推荐!

It all started back in 2016 when I saw some comments on a famous blog, saying there is nothing nice to eat in Sengkang and Punggol.  So, I began my search for Nice & Good Food in this north eastern region of Singapore.有人说盛港和榜鹅没有好吃的,于是我开始寻找盛港和榜鹅最好吃的美食,然后把我吃过的,觉得好吃或比较特别的美食,分享介绍给大家

As a resident of Sengkang since 1999, and a real estate property agent, i had personally patronised many of these food outlets, paying from my own wallet !  I have selected ONLY some to consolidate them into this Personal List of Best Food Gems in Sengkang and Punggol.  Some of them are recommendations by friends and members of my Facebook Page !!!

Disclaimer:  Standards of recommended outlets may differ from time to time, chefs and their moods, raw ingredient batches may be different, Personal preferences may vary too. One man’s meat may be another man’s xxxx.   Use this only as a guide to locate these outlets, and use your own personal judgement to decide if you want to try eating. 人人口味不同,请用这里的美食讯息作为参考。希望您能找到您所喜欢与爱吃的食物!

On 9th Feb 2021, my wife Jacqueline and I were featured on Mediacorp Channel U Programme, 邻里来爆料Neighbourhood Fixer Episode 6, giving the host Pornsak a tour around Sengkang & Punggol.  Before starting our tour, we brought him to Huang Hong Ji 黄洪记 to try their signature Fried Intestine Signature Porridge in Punggol. 😉 🤩 。Click HERE to watch Neighbourhood Fixer Episode 6, Story 3.

S.K.Yeo and Jacqueline ERA with Pornsak

As the list is getting longer, I started this new list on 30th March 2021 for new entries and transferred the older list to a Long List Archive.  Previously I have also attempted to consolidated them into shorter lists based on their categories.  You can still refer to Long List Archive and shorter categorial archives by click on the following links !  由于这个盛港榜鹅美食单子太长了,我在2021年3月30日,开始这篇全新的清单, 把旧的移到旧长的清单。之前,我曾旧长的清单分门别类放进以下的小清单。所以,您可以从以下的网页链接, 游览盛港榜鹅美食旧长的清单和门别类的小清单

[Archive] Eat Eat Eat all the way from SengKang to Punggol 從盛港吃吃吃到榜鵝 (旧长Long List Archive)

Best Noodles Mee Pok 從盛港到榜鵝面类美食
Best Cze Char Zi Char 從盛港到榜鵝煮炒
Best Chicken / Duck / Roasted Delights 從盛港到榜鵝雞鸭烧肉烧腊飯面
Best HALAL Malay / Indian / Fusion Food 從盛港到榜鵝馬來印度美食
Best Thai / Vietnamese Food 從盛港到榜鵝泰國越南美食
Best Japanese / Korean / Fusion / Western Food 從盛港到榜鵝日本韩国料理与西餐美食

Eat Eat Eat all the way to Fernvale Hawker Centre in Sengkang 吃吃吃到盛港芬维尔熟食中心
Eat Eat Eat all the way to One Punggol Hawker Centre 吃吃吃到榜鹅熟食中心
Eat Eat Eat all the way to Sengkang Grand Mall & Buangkok Hawker Centre 盛港汇 & 万国熟食中心

Eat Eat Eat all the way to Hougang 吃吃吃所有后港最好吃的美食
Eat Eat Eat all the way to Hougang , Ang Mo Kio, Macpherson, Pasir Ris and Beyond



Ga He Korean Cuisine 家禧 
Address: Blk 473 Fernvale Street foodcourt S(791473), next to Kupang LRT.
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家禧 Ga He Traditional Korean Cuisine is a HIT @ Blk 473 Fernvale Street foodcourt S(791473), next to Kupang LRT.

Wah, the queue wait is about an hour! Luckily no need to stand in a queue, they have the electronic buzzer which will sound when your food is ready.
Went there for lunch today Tuesday around noon 12pm! The whole foodcourt is packed, with only a few vacant tables.
I wanted to order 10, 14 & 15 on their menu. And their staff told me the wait is 1 hour ! I didn’t proceed to order as I need to rush for my next appointment.
I chose the Cai Png 菜饭 instead. And I was seating beside a young couple who ordered from the Korean stall. After my meal, just before I leave the table, their buzzer beeped! I asked them for permission to take some photos of the food they ordered. Their JaJang Myeon 炸酱面 looks really good 😊
Anyone tried this stall before? Nice? Will you wait for an hour?
Some commented: was told one hour but the actual waiting time is about 30mins.


Chinatown Mall Hot Pot 牛车水麻辣香锅 
Address: Buangkok Hawker Centre #02-K29 @ Sengkang Grand Mall, 70 Compassvale Bow Singapore 544692, above Buangkok MRT Station.
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Very nice 酸菜烤鱼 Sauerkraut Grilled Fish 🐟 at Buangkok Hawker Centre. We were eating with a friend.

He said my photo will not do justice to the large grilled fish and the giant bowl, so we took it with a hand for some size comparison.
We also order 2 veges: 大爆大头菜 & 油麦菜。
Very big portions too !!! And Very nicely cooked! The chef should be the award winning man on the stall main signage.
I watched the chef cook, very experienced indeed 👍🌟🌟🌟.
Can try if you are around Sengkang Grand Mall.


Address : Rivervale Mall, #01 Foodcourt (Near Rumbia LRT).
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First thing i eat after coming back to Singapore from my Scandic holidays is Fishball Mee Pok, chilli dry. 🤣

Lixin is famous for their fishball, made with 100% yellowtail fish. Their fishballs are soft and flavourful.I love their kyaws (fish dumplings) too! 古早的味道.

You can check out their website at http://www.lixinfishball.com/about/


Address:  Punggol Waterway Point #B2-08. 83 Punggol Central, 828761.
Opening hours: 11.30am to10pm daily.
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Blk 205D Compassvale Lane S(544205), P12 Food Paradise foodcourt. Near Ranggung LRT station.
Opening Hours:
7.45am to 6pm (closed on Thursdays).
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Ordered Mid size Prawn 🦐 $6. There is a Normal Prawn Noodle at $4.50, smaller prawns, at the lower portion of their menu.

Always a Queue for this stall. Soup flavourful. Nice shallot & lard. Dry and Soup version also 🌟.


德利海鮮魚頭爐 Teck Ee Seafood Fish Head Steamboat
Address : 277C Compassvale Link, Level 1 Unit 2B, S(543277).
Next to Buangkok MRT exit B, near NTUC & KFC.

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Ordered a small 红斑炉Red Grouper Fish Steamboat & a deep fried baby squid 🦑 for 2pax. 🌟Nice👍。My friend taught me his way of eating fish : add black vinegar to the fish in spoon. 🤣.


Xiang Xiang Huinan Cuisine 湘香湖南菜
Address: Sengkang Grand Mall #01-32, Buangkok MRT Station.
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 [Update 25/2/2024 : Revisited this restaurant, discovered that they have taken out 干香酸菜鲈鱼 from the menu.  they have the new menu now.  There are other fish dishes but no 干香酸菜鲈鱼 anymore.]

Second time visiting this restaurant on 5th May 2023, this time with clients.

1) 湖南小炒肉
2) 干香酸菜鲈鱼
3) 石钵茄子🍆
4) 爆浆小豆腐
5) 米饭
Ordered 1,2 & 5 on my first visit. It is tasted really good and I ordered the same signature dishes for my clients to try.
Add 3 & 4 as we had 4 pax. Both dishes 3 & 4 are also really good. My client also commented that even 5) plain white rice was fragrant & tasted good. 😄. They loved all the dishes.🥰.
Got some Free ice-creams & titbits
* Number 2 干香酸菜鲈鱼 is really very good 🌟🌟🌟.  Must Order !!!  Overall very good food quality & Service.


Address : 205D Compassvale Lane, Singapore 544205.
Next to Ranggung LRT station, Next to Sengkang Secondary School.

[Sengkang] Super nice rojak with thick prawn paste sauce! The way it should be! Rojak Paste should be this power!!! At some other place, they use diluted prawn paste! This stall they use high quality prawn paste! 🌟🌟🌟.    Fruits Rojak and You-tiao (fried fritters) Rojak available.  ( Extra Cuttlefish optional)


Address:  Punggol Waterway Point #01-66, West Wing. 83 Punggol Central, 828761.
Opening hours: 7.30am to 9pm daily.
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Nice breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Waterway Point, West Wing #01-66.


Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Kolo Mee 林玉梅
Address:  Blk 350A Anchorvale Road foodcourt. Singapore 541350. (nearby Sengkang Swimming Pool & next to Sengkang Methodist Church).
(Update 25/10/2022:  New punggol outlet at Punggol located at Blk 658 Punggol East Foodcourt S(820658).  Sarawak Laksa is available at Sengkang & Punggol Outlet on weekends, do note that their Laksa is very different from the Laksa we had in mind 😉 ).
Opening hours: 8.00am to 7.30pm daily except Tuesdays(off).
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Authentic Sarawak Noodles with fiery homemade red chilli. Flavourful curly springy pale noodles, coupled with tasty minced meat and several slices of char siew.

The pale yellow colour of the noodle is attributed to the fact that Only Egg Whites are used in the noodle production process. It curls and really look like instant noodle, but definitely more flavourful and more springy texture. Unlike normal yellow noodle, it doesn’t have the “Kngee Bee” (alkali taste).

I went to tabao at the physical store at 350A Anchorvale. The tabao packaging may look really small at the first glance. However, after unpack into a bowl, the portion is quite okay.

They are available on Grab food. Their main stall is located at Haig Road Hawker Centre, where they serve Sarawak Laksa too.


Punggol Address : Blk 671 Edgefield Plains S(820671) Foodcourt.Near Oasis/Damai LRT
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Update 9/8/2022: They have a new outlet in Sengkang : 433A Sengkang West Way S(791433)
Happy Hawker foodcourt. Near Thanggam or Fernvale LRT stations.

Ordered Teishoku Chicken Katsu Set & Tonkotsu Ramen. 🌟🌟

You can read their Concept Kodawari : they use Higher Quality Meats, Japanese Rice, Fresh Breadcrumbs, 100% Cottonseed Oil, Original Donburi Sauce from Japan.。
The staff at the counter was a Japanese Lady too. When our orders arrived, we were pleasantly impressed by the food presentation, which was much better than those pictures in the menu. Taste-wise very nice too 🌟🌟, very fresh & flavourful.


Address : Blk 322 Sumang Walk S(820322) Foodcourt.
Nearest LRT: Nibong LRT Station, Punggol.
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Er Bo Mu二伯母@ 322 Sumang Walk. They just open their Punggol outlet in Feb 2022. They have 2 other outlets at NUS Flavours @University Town (Dover) & 106 Bidadari Park Drive.

Fragrant Dry Chilli Ban Mian 干捞辣椒板面 at Er Bo Mu 二伯母@ 322 Sumang Walk S(820322).

Today I noticed that there are only two chef’s hat logo on the menu!

One is this Ban Mian and the other is their Handmade Chives Dumplings!

So, I decided to try their signature Fragrant Dry Chilli Ban Mian 干捞辣椒板面. Yum Yum,very nice🌟🌟.

The red chilli looks really hot 🥵, in fact, it is milder. 🤣

Fragrant Dry Chilli Ban Mian 干捞辣椒板面


On a previous occasion, I ordered their 🍄 Braised Mushroom Noodles with Tobiko , add an extra “onsen” egg. 飞鱼卵焖菇面 加蛋🥚🌟They are well known for their Fragrant Dry Chilli Banmian. 干捞辣椒板面. Also Handmade Prawn Surimi Noodle. 手工虾滑面粉粿汤。
If you like something healthier, you can try their Tomato Egg Ramen 😋. 👍


Address : Blk 108 Punggol Field Foodcourt, S(820108). Near to Meridian LRT Station, Punggol.
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Crab 🦀 Specialist @ Blk 108 Punggol Field Foodcourt, S(820108). One of Best place in Punggol / Sengkang to eat Crabs 🦀 , Shark fin with crab meat and Cze Cha 煮炒for special occasions.

Crabs here are usually larger, so do expect to pay abit more.


Address : Blk 671 Edgefield Plains S(820671). Near to Meridian LRT Station, Punggol.
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Buk Chang Dong SOON TOFU, opened in March 2022.
According to signage: Soon Tofu.
“Soon” means soft in Korean and our fresh
silken Soon Tofu is made with premium
Korean soybean from the pristine Paju,
South Korea, located close to Korea’s
Demilitarised Zone (DMZ).
Soon Tofu Soup since 2016, the 10-ingredient secret soup
SOON TOFU recipe of BUK CHANG DONG Korea Tofu House defined the authentic Korean Soon Tofu experience.
Wholesome Meal. Adhering to Korean tradition, each meal
is served complete with side dishes
(Banchan HE) such as Kimchi and Seaweed.
Korean’s definition of a complete meal:
Rice, Soup and Banchan.
One of the newer stall at Happy Hawker foodcourt @ Blk 671 Edgefield Plains S(820671).


Address : Blk 671 Edgefield Plains S(820671). Near to Meridian LRT Station, Punggol.
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They say there is always Room for Dessert.   It is really true!  After a sumptuous dinner at a family gathering, the ladies and the kids suggested we go this place.  It is really Sugar Rush !!!  The ladies and kids are so happy !  They are happy, we are happy 😉


Address : 218 Sumang Walk Singapore 820218. Tastebud 品味食阁Foodcourt
Near to Soo Teck LRT Station, Punggol.
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The must-order is their 三杯鸡 3 Cups Chicken. This dish at some other restaurants are more “liquid”. Here, this 三杯鸡 is Dry & sauce caramelised, served in hot Claypot. 🌟🌟🌟
We enjoyed this “dry” version of 三杯鸡 a lot.
Also the black pepper crab, perfect masterpiece. When we placed our order, they are left with only one crab! The counter lady receives lots of delivery orders…at the same time. So if you want to eat or order at this stall, do order earlier…😅
The chef handling this few dishes is a master. Including the plain looking Vege nai bai, comes with lots of wok hei.
This is one of the best Cze Cha in Punggol🌟🌟🌟.


VS Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine.
Address : 418 Northshore Drive, Northshore Plaza 2 #02, Singapore 820418. Near to Samudera LRT Station, Punggol.
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I was alone and just wanted to try something new. Never been to this Cafe before. Tried the Japanese food at Level 2 and A&W at Level 1. This time it will be Vietnamese!!!

Quite packed inside (crowded at peak dinner time on Sunday), a short queue on the outside. After 10mins, I went to order at their counter. Heard from the lady chief that only the 2 opening special Set are available. either the Grilled Chicken Set or the Beef Pho Set. 15% off valid till end March 2022.
I chose Beef Pho Set. 😋
Beef Pho Noodle Soup + Summer Rice Rolls + Water Melon Juice.
Lady chief gave everyone a dessert 🍮. 🥰
Nice 🌟🥰. Just that the portion is quite a lot, these days I eat lesser. If you are a small eater, you can share with another person.
I saw a guy at the table opposite drinking Vietnamese Coffee with a golden dripper. Looks fun. In fact, I wanted to try. But I held my horses 🐎…as my stomach was already FULL HOUSE.
Haha… feeling of spaceless-ness was before the unexpected arrival of the complimentary dessert 🍮! Lucky me 🍀 ☺️, I didn’t order the VS dripping Viet Coffee 😜. And coffee don’t really mix well with water melon 🍉 juice, I thought 💭🤣.
I shall be back…next time.

@ DIM SUM, SENGKANG 香港点心, 盛港

FIVE STARS 五星香港点心.
Address : Rivervale Mall #01 Foodcourt.  Near Rumbia LRT (Sengkang).
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A hidden Dim Sum Gem in Sengkang at a foodcourt.
Very nice quality 点心Tim Sum. 🌟🌟🌟. Today i try their Lotus Leaf Loh Mai Chicken 荷叶糯米鸡 & 水晶包。👍👍💪。Love their Ting Chai Porridge and their Siew Mai.  Very Good option for Breakfast for me.  Alot of people eat during lunch and dinner too.


檳岛茶室 Penang Heritage.
Address : 455 Sengkang West Ave #01-02 S(790455).
Near Jalan Kayu. Nearest LRT : Fernvale Station. Near Sheng Siong Supermarket
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Nice dinner @ 檳岛茶室Penang Heritage
Penang Assam Laksa 🌟🌟
Nonya Kapitan Chicken 🌟
Handmade Ngo Hiang Platter🌟
2 cups of dessert drinks 🍹 🌟🌟
We were there slightly early before the crowd came at peak time.


Blk 205D Compassvale Lane S(544205), P12 Food Paradise foodcourt. Near Ranggung LRT station.
Opening Hours: ⏰
One thing to note: They only open around 6pm in the evening 夜市. And they are Closed on Sunday 星期日休息
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Very potent Laksa 🌟🌟🌟 @ 205D Compassvale Lane S(544205) MSCP foodcourt.
This Laksa Gravy is temptingly very potent🧨, a bit to the salty and thicker side 咸咸的😝, but I love ❤️ it.
This stall serves the type of laksa gravy that I would finish the whole bowl of gravy IF I am younger !!! One of the best Laksa in Sengkang!
With age, I have jammed the brakes!!! 🚦🛑🈲⏹. I only take a few spoonfuls 🥄 🤣.
Food is important, Health is also important, so take lesser and exercise more 🏃‍♂️ . If too healthy, then all food will be not so interesting. 🤣. Need to strike a balance ⚖️ as we are responsible for our family, we are all related. 🙏🙏
They also serves very nice Bak Chor Mee. You can see my previous post on Bak Chor Mee: https://www.facebook.com/611782339290679/posts/1321589774976595/


Address : Rivervale Mall #01-14, 11 Rivervale Crescent Sengkang S(545082). Near Rumbia LRT.
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琉璃鲸🐳Whale Tea at Rivervale Mall Level 1. They are open 24hours daily!!!!
Today, I finally answered to Sengkang Branch Whale 🐳‘s call, although I try to limit my sugar intake these days.
The little store has a few cosy seating area, where you can spend some romantic moments 😘 (even by yourself) and sip the Whale Tea with the small lovely cookie 🍪.
Ordered the beautiful Volcanic Sapphire Whale 蔚下的鲸🥰 Immerse myself at the quiet corner seat for a short while.
Heard from the staff that the best sellers are the Flaming Brown Sugar & Brown Sugar Avocado.
You can read the Whale Tea Brand Story(Chinese) in one of the photos. So romantic 🥰.
Or you can see the English version in the link at my previous post on 🐳 Whale Tea Story 琉璃鲸的故事🤣: https://www.facebook.com/611782339290679/posts/1247428535726053/


Address59 Anchorvale Road S(544965). Located inside Anchorvale Community ClubNext to Sengkang Sports Centre, Swimming Pool & Hockey Stadium. Near to Farmway LRT Station, Sengkang.
Opening Hours:
Tue-Fri 3.00pm – 10.30pm
Sat-Sun 11.30am – 10.30pm
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Sengkang Steak

🌟 Ribeye Steak & a super nice place to chill ! River facing outdoor alfresco seating area. You can watch really beautiful sunset 🌅 when weather is good!

Went there last Saturday evening after work! On that evening, no sunsets for us as it was going to rain 🌧.

No sunsets, no problem. The 🌟🌟 yummy char-grilled Ribeye steak 🥩 captured our hearts 🥰 with just salt & pepper.

A little bit dry, but the charred outer crust was really 👍👍👍. We ate it plain, almost without the sauce. I only dipped the meat once into my red wine sauce.
They serve different kinds of craft beers, fruit beer & ciders. We are happy with 1664 Kronenbourg at happy hour & a mixed bucket of six later. Nice accompanying Buffalo Wings.
It rained later, and we shifted into the aircon section. Very cosy too. If you want nice comfy seats, go for those sofa seats at the extreme sides and corner.
Essen @ The Anchorvale, A popular place for cyclist & runners as it is located besides the PCN park connector.


Address : Blk 303 Anchorvale Link Foodcourt S(540303). Next to Renjong LRT Station.
Opening hours: 11.30am to 3pm and 4pm to 7pm daily ( except Thursday off).
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Featured in “Our Makan Place Lost & Found” on TV Channel 5 too

I made a special trip to this stall last week at 6.30+pm before they closed at 7pm. I ordered a $4 plate , add hum (cockles). To my dismay, I was told “No more hum!!!” 🙁. I hesitated for 2 seconds whether I should proceed to eat Char Kway Teow without harm (hum). 🤣.

In the end, I didn’t 😅. I left the stall unwillingly with the craving unfulfilled. I had Cze cha instead. By then it was about 7+pm.

Saw Mr Tan (Master Chef of Armenian Street Char Kway Teow) at the roadside beside the foodcourt. Had a little chitchat with him.

Haha… I asked him why no enough hum??? 🧐 Haha…. He said he don’t order alot as he wanted to keep the hums as fresh as possible! Usually should have enough. However, on some days, there are more customers wanting to add extra hum to their Char Kway Teow (like me 😅). So they will run out of hums towards the end of the day.

I also told Mr Tan that I saw the MediaCorp TV programme featuring Mr Tan teaching his Char Kway Teow gongfu secret recipe to 2 selected disciples in a hawker challenge. Haha..abit controversial, I also support Mr Tan’s decision for the winner. Anyone watched it?

Today, I was around this area, so the Char Kway Teow crave brought me back to this stall. The first thing is asked” Got hum or not?” 🤣🤣🤣.

Hahaha… CKT craving fulfilled!!!🥰 🌟🌟🌟 Very nice. The wok hei, the lard, the hums, the Lup Cheong, the taste 👅 etc…. Heard hums were larger yesterday, but it is still a perfect Char Kway Teow for me !!! 👍👍👍.

Mr Tan still helms the Wok personally 💪💪💪 for Armenian Street Char Kway Teow at Blk 303 Anchorvale! Many Decades and thousands & thousands plates of Char Kway Teow frying, every plate he dishes out from the wok is a masterpiece!!!

In my previous video post: https://youtu.be/PDXCNmfbZG8
You can see Mr Tan & his mum at his old stall in 2001 before they shifted from Armenian Street to Blk 303 Anchorvale coffeeshop in Sengkang. About 20years ago. Wah so youthful!!! 👍👍👍. 仔细看看,他站在妈妈旁边,他也蛮像妈妈的!妈妈依然还是亚美尼亚街炒粿條活招牌!🥰

Everyone has their own version of their favourite Char Kway Teow. Mr Tan’s version is definitely a A+ distinction for me ! The Best in Sengkang & Punggol. 🌟🌟🌟👍👍🙏


江记 Klang Bak Kut Teh.
Address : Blk 198 Punggol Field Foodcourt, Singapore 820198. Near to Cove LRT Station, Punggol.
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Klang Bak Kut Teh @ 198 Punggol Field Foodcourt.
👍🌟. Nice 👍. Remember to take their chopped garlic & chilli 🌶 & superior dark soya sauce.

Klang Bak Kut Teh


Address : Blk 312A Sumang Link foodcourt. s(821312). Near Nibong LRT
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Punggol Sumang Pancakes Mee Chiam Kueh
The Best Mee Chiam Kueh 面煎糕 in Sengkang & Punggol. 现做现卖!Done on the spot by petite lady master. 🌟

Very hard working, single handedly managing the stall. When I was there, a lady customer specially come to her stall to chat with this demure iron lady 😄👍👍.

Today, I ordered 4 times from her stall. 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣🤣.

1️⃣ The lady owner told me her new item on her menu is the ikan billis peanut porridge 花生银鱼粥 $1.80. So the first item I ordered was the porridge. I told her I will be back later for her signature Mee Chiam Kuay as I love food that is steaming hot hot hot ! 🥰🤣.

The ikan billis porridge is very nice 👍👍. Very suitable for those who want just a light healthy nutritious breakfast, not too heavy. It goes well for kids and elderly too. (only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday). Odd days! And I am lucky today! It’s Wednesday! ☘️

If you are like me, after having this porridge, you still have room for other goodies 🤣. Especially I just expended a lot of energy cycling 🚴‍♂️.

Went back to her 2️⃣ to order her signature pancakes Mee Chiam Kuay. There are so many choices of fillings. I decided to go for the traditional peanut 🥜and coconut🥥. One each. She skilfully crafted my 2 pancakes from scratch. By the way, she has years and years of experience in pancake making! That is why I called her pancake master.🎖 Every piece is a masterpiece. 👍🌟.

While waiting for her pancakes, an elderly lady asked me, “ Is the 银耳清汤 white fungus dessert sweet or not? “. 💡 Hmmm I told her “ Should be sweet but you better ask the owner…”

I devoured the peanut & coconut pancakes. By this time, my stomach was fully satisfied. I was thinking of ordering my Teh O Kosong when I saw the elderly lady eating her white fungus dessert. 🧿

I thought of tabao-ing back the white fungus dessert. Aiya, why not I just skip tea and go the white fungus dessert now. 🤣.

So, I went back to her for the 3️⃣ third time. Her White Fungus Cheng Tng 银耳清汤is very nice. Packed with ingredients. I noticed she even take out the seeds of the red dates or she used seedless red dates.

In the end, I went back to her for the 4️⃣ fourth time. To tabao 2packets of white fungus dessert for my family.

Btw, you saw the little lucky cat at her stall, it was given by her customer. I m sure it will bring her good luck 👍👍🥳.

I certainly found 4 little food happiness today. 🥳

If you are around Sumang area in Punggol, you can try out this Happiness Pancakes stall.

Read more about her from my previous post:


Huang Hong Ji Porridge  洪記
Address:  Blk 269B Punggol Field #01-197 Singapore 822269.
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 9pm* daily, alternate Mondays off. *While porridge lasts.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

Huang Hong Ji Porridge is famous for its Authentic Cantonese Porridge that comes with Deep Fried Pig Intestines, renowned in Tanglin Halt since 1970s.  MUST TRY !!!.  They have been in Punggol in mid 2016. Click HERE for more photos and related post: https://sengkangtopunggol.sg/punggol-authentic-cantonese-huang-hong-ji-porridge/

Deep Fried Intestine Porridge @ Huang Hong Ji this morning. They are open at 7am 👍👍.  Nice hot signature Cantonese porridge 🌟👍. Feeling powered up to start my work after this.

They serves very nice Economic Bee Hoon, Chee Cheong Fun & Yam Cakes too.  It is a very good place for Breakfast & Lunch.


Address : 10 Tebing Lane #01-01, S(828836).
Opening hours:
3.30pm to 10.30pm (Mon – Fri)
9.30am to 10.30pm (Sat & Sun)
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

Nice Breakfast by the River & PCN.

Queues formed before the opening time at 9.30am(for weekends). But no worries if you see long queue, this riverfront restaurant has a huge seating capacity, unless you want to Chope your favourite seats. There are both indoor and outdoor areas. They have a great menu full of pictures! I love picture-menu 🤣
Ordered two of their signature Whisk Breakfast Pan. You get to choose the style of your eggs 🥚. I chose poached eggs and my wife sunny side up. (Two other choices are overeasy & scrambled eggs)…
Did u see the 🥸 face my wife created with her pan 🤣.? Told her to bite a row off the corn 🌽 so that it look more like the upper & lower lips 👄.
Hahaha… 🤣. If u like her 🥸, please give a like to that photo 😁.
Nice ambience, Nice food & latte. A great place for families with 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦young kids or a love-ly 💕 date.
Check out their picture-menu for Lunch & Dinner too.
This place is just next to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk PCN Park Connector (near Red Bridge), very popular food destination after a walk, a jog or a cycle 🚲.
If you have been there, do share your pictures & experience in the comments section for all to learn. If you have a funny 🥸 created, you must share 🤣🤣🤣. For fun, peace & laughter.
Happy cells, happy emo, happy life 🌈🌈🌈.

We went there again.  It was my son’s choice for family dinner at Tebing Lane.

We ordered:
Pulled Pork Sliders
Duck & Lychee Pizza
Vongole Linguine
Fish & Chips.
5 items for 5pax. Nice food, great ambience, near the PCN.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 


YI FANG 一芳台湾水果茶.
AddressShell Station ( Sengkang East Rd), Opposite Kopitiam Square. Near Blk 322A Anchorvale.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

Real Fruits in Tea. Taiwanese Fruit Tea.
Pop by Shell Station to pump V-Power Petrol as they are having promo: V-Power petrol for the price of 98-Petrol.
With recommendations from the knowledgeable salesgirl, I ordered :
1) Yifang Signature Fruit Tea (Large).🌟
2) Songbolin Mountain Tea (Regular).
3) Winter Melon Lemonade (Regular)🌟 .


Address : Blk 473 Fernvale Street S(790473) Foodcourt.  Near Kupang LRT.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

One of the best Prata in Sengkang & Punggol. Their Bryiani too!
I love ❤️ their Prata. 🌟🌟. You can order their Coin Prata & Briyani too.
Sharon shared: My family love their India rojak and their ikan bills fried mee hoon goreng!
David: Their rojak best
Anthony: Power & friendly staffs. Better than Jalan kayu.. 👍👍


Address : Punggol Drive(Self collect) or Delivery available.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

Eat Hum  (⚠️This is not for everyone !)

Got to know this shop through the Producer of 邻里来爆料 Neighbourhood Fixer. Ordered and tried a few months ago. But I didn’t post as the show was not aired yet, I felt the need to respect the efforts put into researching these show contents.
The following info are correct as per date of my order in 24/11/2020. For the latest , do visit their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/Eat.Hums or contact/Whatsapp them at 91870597
•Hums: 250g for $18 and 450g for $28
(Weight after half deshell)
•Topshells: S $18 / L $28
•Imitation Abalone: S $18 / L $28
•Gong gong S $18 / L $28
•Lala S $18 / L $28
Delivery $6-$10 or self collect in punggol.
$6 flat rate delivery for $60 n above purchases. $100 free delivery 😊
I bought 450g hum with 100% normal 🌶spicy-ness. Self collect at Punggol. For those who are super chilli lovers, you can get their 400% ultra spicy 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 🥵 🔥🔥🔥🔥.
A bit pricey but Hums were fresh and clean 🧽. Nice marinate with lots of garlic. If you leave it overnight for a day, it would taste 👅 better.
Anyone tried? Please share your experience in comments sections 👍👍🙏
You can watch the encore from Channel U 邻里来爆料Neighbourhood Fixer, Episode 6, story 2. https://www.mewatch.sg/season/Neighbourhood-Fixer-192243.

Ondeh Ondeh CAKE & HOME BAKE , NEAR SENGKANG 糕点, 近盛港

Address : Hougang Capeview , very near Sengkang.
Click HERE for more Pictures on SKTPG Facebook Page 

Specialty Ondeh Ondeh Cake. Photos are from https://adeshomebake.sg

Adeline, Ex-pastry chef of W Hotel, Capella Singapore and The Fullerton Hotel. About 1 month after the birth of her baby boy in 2018, Adeline was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which subsequently affected her body, spine and blinded one of her eyes.
She left her employment due to her physical condition & frequent absence from work(hospital visits).
One year later, Adeline set up this online bakery shop to make additional income to cover her hefty medical bills. Her signature Ondeh Ondeh cakes has received raving reviews.  A hidden gem 💎 in Hougang!
Got this info from Channel U 邻里来爆料
Neighbourhood Fixer, Episode 6, story 1. https://www.mewatch.sg/season/Neighbourhood-Fixer-192243.
Visit her website for more info.
Personally I have not tried Adeline’s creations yet. Anyone tried? Please share in comments sections 👍👍🙏
Ade’s Homebake


Beehive-Traditional-Pineapple-Tarts-IndonesiaSuper Nice Pineapple Tarts.  You just cannot stop at one !!!   Lena’s friend ordered 6 containers, took bus back home. By the time, she reached home, she only had got 5 containers left !!!  SHE FINISHED ONE WHOLE CONTAINER on her bus trip !!!!

The story goes back 30+ years ago when Lena help out in her Mama’s Bakery shop in Boon Keng.  She was only Sec 1 when she got her hands on baking and make aromatic tarts and biscuits.  Her Mama had a lot of Indonesian friends and travelled to Jakarta to learn from bakery Shifus the unique skills of baking Super Nice Pineapple Tarts.  The Pineapple tarts are shaped like “beehives”, and these help to keep the tart fresh and their shelf life longer without preservatives.  Lena says Pineapple tarts at her mama shop was and is the Best !!! Click HERE for more details.  LIMITED QUANTITY PRODUCTION, WHILE STOCK LASTS.

Pineapple tarts : Small Container $18 (about 30pcs) & Big Container $32 (about 52 – 54pcs) .   Limited quantities only. First Come First Serve.

Beehive Pineapple Tarts.

Cashew Cookies


Eat Eat Eat all the way from SengKang to Punggol 從盛港吃吃吃到榜鵝 (旧长Long List Archive)

Best Noodles Mee Pok 從盛港到榜鵝面类美食
Best Cze Char Zi Char 從盛港到榜鵝煮炒
Best Chicken / Duck / Roasted Delights 從盛港到榜鵝雞鸭烧肉烧腊飯面
Best HALAL Malay / Indian / Fusion Food 從盛港到榜鵝馬來印度美食
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Eat Eat Eat all the way to Fernvale Hawker Centre in Sengkang 吃吃吃到盛港芬维尔熟食中心
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Eat Eat Eat all the way to Hougang 吃吃吃所有后港最好吃的美食
Eat Eat Eat all the way to Hougang , Ang Mo Kio, Macpherson, Pasir Ris and Beyond




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