PCN Cycle from Sengkang Punggol to East Coast Parkway ECP


If you miss the Sea Breeze at East Coast, you can Cycle 🚲 from Sengkang Punggol to East Coast Park (ECP) via PCN and road pavements only (not on the road).


Cycle 🚲 from Sengkang Punggol to East Coast Park (ECP) via PCN and road pavements only

One of the fastest and smoothest route of cycling from Sengkang Punggol to East Coast Parkway using PCN & pavements only (not on the road).  🚲 Cycling trip was done on two Mondays ago.
Total 36km ride, 5hrs, 3 Pitstops.
Start: Sengkang 0730hrs
End: Sengkang 1230hrs.

One Breakfast (89 Circuit Rd Hawker – 🍜Laksa & ☕️ Kopi 0)
One Break ( Yellow Tower, East Coast – Water 💧 & Ship 🚢Counting + Enjoy Sea Breeze)
One Lunch ( Good Year Coffeeshop, 15 Tampines Ave, near IKEA – Lala Beehoon & Bak Kut Teh🫕). (Their Seafood Zichar menu only start at 11am).

We spent quite some time during the makan breaks. 😄. If you do it without breaks and makan, you can probably cycle this whole round within 2-3hours.

🚀One of the fastest and smoothest route of cycling from Sengkang Punggol to East Coast Parkway using 🚲PCN & pavements only.

From Sengkang 从盛港, you will pass by 你会经过
1) Hougang 后港
2) MacPherson (Circuit Road)麦波申
3)Aljunied / Geylang 芽笼
4) Guillemard
5) Fort Road
6) East Coast 🚢 东海岸
7) Telok Kurau
😎 Kembangan
9) Bedok 勿洛
10) Tampines 淡滨泥
11) Pasir Ris 巴西立
12) And finally Punggol. 榜鹅。

You can do the reverse 🔄 loop if you want.
This will open up a lot of other opportunities & choices to connect to other PCN, roads to Exercise 🚲 and Eat 🍽 at the same time. I cycled to a lot of places to eat using only PCN and road pavements only.

Exercise to Eat or Eat to exercise. It a great way to make use of our fabulous PCN networks. Enjoy your food hunt too 🤣

Look at all the pictures of the maps for the route we took.
Level : Intermediate.
Pace : Slow (Leisure).

Start at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector PCN opposite Blk 116C Rivervale Drive, Sengkang. Then cross over to Serangoon Park Connector via a small connecting bridge (Near Buangkok Bridge, Buangkok East Drive).

Follow Serangoon Park Connector PCN and it will lead to Hougang Ave 7.  At the end of Hougang Ave 7,  just cross the traffic lights at Tampines Road to get diagonally across to Hougang Ave 3 Park Connector PCN.

Near Blk 37, just cycle across diagonally to Blk 108 and continue Hougang Ave 3 Park Connector PCN on the other side of the road.  From PCN (near Blk 169 ) onwards, there is a up-slope climb.   (Switch to a lower gear if your bike has got multiple gears)  it is gonna to train abit of your thigh power !  Enjoy the training!  After the “peak” , it will be a down-slope glide 😉

After the climb, enjoy the “free wheelie” on the down slope.  Do control your speed, and don’t go too fast. Watch out for humps and traffic as well as pedestrians.  Try to keep to your left at all times, unless overtaking.

Just follow the PCN at Hougang Ave 3, and follow the right curve (At Element 14 Building)  to the PCN along Airport Road until you reach BreadTalk iHQ.

When you reach Breadtalk iHQ, just cross diagonally via traffic lights crossings to Balam Park Connector.  Once you see the Shell Petrol Station, Just turn right into the PCN.  ( There are PCN arrow markings on the Pavements, follow them….but check the map that you are going at the correct direction )

You will reach Blk 78, where you need to use the traffic lights at this junction to cross over to 70/79A Hawker Centre.  This Hawker is more lively in the Night.  Most of the stalls usually opens later.  That was the reason why we go to 89 Circuit Road Hawker Centre for our breakfast.  At this point we took a detour out from the Pelton Canal Park Connector PCN to 89 Circuit Road Hawker Centre.

At 89 Circuit Road Hawker, most stalls are open !  You can have lots of old school hawker food here.  We ate Laksa (add hum) from 顺顺来叻沙 Shun Shun Lai Laksa stall.   This corner stall has been around for more than 30years, my Mumil used to patronise this stall when she was staying in circuit road when she was young.   Ordered the Kopi 0 small cup after the laksa.    Once our stomachs are filled, we resumed our trip at Pelton Canal Park Connector PCN where we previously took a detour.

At Blk 121/122, we made a Left turn to cycle along the road pavements on Aljunied Road.  From this portion onwards we were riding on road pavements.  Do ride slowly, and be careful.  Watch out for pedestrians and humps and traffic.

After you pass Aljunied MRT,  the road is straight but the pavements are not long and “continuous” as there are many entrances and exits from many individual builings ,  be extra careful to watch out pedestrians and traffic incoming and outgoing from the building.  Just keep left and cycle on the road pavements, you dont have to go onto the roads.

Once you reach Guillemard Road, the road pavements become long and continuous again…  just ride slow and be careful, it should be okay.

After Guillemard road, just follow the road pavements to Mountbatten Rd.   Everytime I passed by my office at ERA @ Mountbatten Square, haha… I will wave at it (in my heart) !   Just head down straight all the way along Mountbatten Road / Fort Road road pavements until you reach East Coast.

After Katong Park,  we will cross multiple traffic lights and go under ECP expressway (Tanjong Rhu Flyover) toward our ultimate destination East Coast Park !  You will begin to cycle on East Coast Parkway PCN !  The tempo of the ride at this point will change….  Continous Long PCN without traffic !    Always keep to your left unless overtaking.  Keep a safety distance from other cyclists especially the young kids (they might cut into your cycling path unintentionally), slow down at crowded areas.

Cycled along East Coast Parkway PCN,  we made a pitstop at the iconic Yellow Tower, with spiral staircase.  Bought two cans of drinks a vending machine at Parkland Green.  Chit chat, enjoy the Seabreeze, listen to the waves, count the ships passing by from far and watching a beach volleyball match!

After a good rest, we paddled leisurely along East Coast PCN.   When we reached Siglap Canal, we made a left turn and cross the overhead bridge to reach Siglap Park Park Connector PCN.   This overhead bridge comes with long ramps where you can push up your bikes (Dont have to carry up).

Nice turquoise water at Siglap Canal. High tide now! On the right is Siglap Park Connector PCN

Just ride straight along Siglap Park Connector PCN to reach Kembangan MRT Station.   Cross the traffic lights and continue the PCN tracks all the way (along Lengkong Tiga) until you reach the overhead bridge with ramps.

Push your bikes up the ramp of the overhead bridge to cross over (PIE Expressway) to Bedok.  Once you see blk 602, you are on the right track !  Just continue cycling on the PCN until you reach Bedok North MRT Station.  This portion of the PCN involves upslopes, downslopes and the paths are usually not straight, and curvy.  Ride this portion carefully and enjoy the training.  (Tip:  you can go to the left tracks at the lower section to avoid some of the high upslopes)

Once you reach Bedok North MRT Station( End of Siglap Park Connector) , just continue to ride on the road pavements along Bedok North Road, then cross over via traffic light to reach Bedok Reservoir.   Just push your bike to go down from the ramp at the “X” on the map.  At the end of the ramp, you make a left turn to continue PCN along Bedok Reservoir.   Once you reach here, the tempo change again.  Sandy path with a lot of greeneries and water !    Even on Sunny days, you will get plenty of shade.  Very Peaceful and Relaxing !

If you don’t like sandy path, you can cycle on the outskirt using road pavements.  if you have more time, you can make a right loop around Bedok Reservoir instead of a left loop.  Use this as a guide only, just choose and explore what is suitable for you when you reach there.

Regardless of left loop or right loop, my exit point from Bedok Reservoir is at the carpark indicated on the map below.  Then continue from the Tampines Park Connector PCN along Tampines Ave 10 until you reach Tampines Fire Station(on the Opposite side of the road).

We cross the traffic lights to reach Tampines Fire Station, and cycle on the road pavements along Tampines Ave and turn into Tampines Industrial Ave 2 to reach Good Year Coffeeshop for lunch!  (You can go by the other loop if you want to avoid Tampines Domitory (due to covid) or just Mask up.  (Usually I dont see workers loitering around)

Or if you are not hungry or have other lunch options, you can proceed straight up Tampines Ave 10 without making a Left turn.  Once you see IKEA you are on the right direction.

We arrived at Good Year Coffeshop around 10.30am, and we can order only order drinks and kayak toast.  Their Zichar and bak kut teh kitchen only starts at 11am.   We ordered some drinks to cool down while we waited.   Ordered Lala Bee Hoon and Bak Kut Teh.  Nice!  Spent more than an hour plus at this coffeeshop before we make our way back.

you can see Two giant Kar-Seng (Spinning Tops) from Good Year Coffee Shop.

Resuming our cycling back to Sengkang, we will pass by IKEA.  (Next time, you may go to IKEA for lunch too).  After you passed IKEA, and  you are crossing under TPE Expressway.  Do look out for oncoming cars when you cross (especially at the zebra crossing, although you have the right of the way, make sure the driver/motorist of any oncoming vehicle noticed you and slow down).

In a nutshell, be really careful here as the traffic here are generally moving at a faster speed.  Same for the other zebra crossing!    Just be Careful, dont let anything spoil your enjoyable cycling trip!

Once you reach Paris Ris Farmway 3 Park Connector PCN next to the Canal, the tempo change again.  Relax and long winding PCN. Enjoy.

Just go straight along Pasir Ris Farmway 3 PCN, you will reach Lorong Halus Wetland and our Red Bridge, signifying our entrance to Punggol.  Once you reach Punggol, we are well connected via PCN to all other parts of Punggol and Sengkang.

We enjoyed our little cycling trip from Sengkang to East Coast.   Hope you will enjoy yours too if you decide to try this route too.   Use this as a guide only for your cycling trip planning and be careful when you cycle.  Take care and hope you have an enjoyable cycling trip.

Once you are seasoned, you can try my Half island route (67km) or Round island route (122km), (All PCN & Pavements only):

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