PCN Cycle from Sengkang To Sembawang Hot Spring Park

🚲 Cycled from Sengkang to Sembawang Hot Springs. 三巴旺温泉. 🔥💧. The Only known Natural Hot Spring on mainland Singapore. This Place was a Tourist Onsen Resort long long long time ago !!!
Total Cycling Distance: about 30km.
Time taken about 5+hours including breakfast and lunch and time spend exploring Sembawang Hot Spring.  If you skip the food and cut short the time spent at Sembawang Hot Springs, you can probably complete around 3-hours.
Part of warm up cycle 🚲 before our round island cycle on 23rd December 2020. Today only 3 of us. About 30km cycling distance. We got a FREE natural hot spring footbath! Huat ah 🤣☘️!
We soaked our feet in 40 degrees celcius hot spring water. Was really hot 🥵 (I thought it was 60 to 70 degrees Celcius 🤣. The water temperature cools down as it follows down the cascading pool).
The cycling trip from Sengkang starts from Jalan Kayu (Near the open space carpark along eatery area). This trip is using only road pavements and park connectors PCN only, not on the road.  Use this post as a guide or general direction to cycle to Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Be careful as some of the road pavements are very narrow, slow down if necessary, or go over to the other side of the road if there are wider pavements.  The following is Piccadilly road, just after you cross the traffic lights from Jalan Kayu. It is very narrow.  Slow down or push the bicycle if there is pedestrian or oncoming bicycle.  Always put safety first.  Ride with caution.  Once you ride through Piccadilly, the rest are much wider.

Narrow road pavement along Piccadilly road.

Just follow Seletar Aerospace Drive, you will pass by the Oval.  ( A place with alot of food establishments,  you can explore next time ) >>>  West Camp Road.

From West Camp Road, cross the traffic lights to Yishun Dam (Yishun Ave 1)
After Yishun Dam, just continue straight to Yishun Avenue 8.  And Turn Left at Yishun Avenue 7 and ride straight all the way to Sembawang Hot Spring Park.  This route is quite straight forward.    We made a small detour to take our breakfast at Chong Pang Hawker before going to Sembawang Hot Spring.  Lots of nice food, I took Nasi Sambal Goreng at $3.  very nice.  Click here to see more pictures of the Nasi Sambal Goreng on our Facebook Page.

We made a small detour to take our breakfast at Chong Pang Hawker before going to Sembawang Hot Spring.  Lots of nice food, I took this Nasi Sambal Goreng at $3.

Sembawang Hot Springs Park 三巴旺温泉公园
Along Gambas Avenue (No carpark, only bicycle parking area).
Footbath Area and Egg Cooking Station area opening Hours : 7am to 7pm.
Avoid weekends and weekday evenings as it will be very crowded.
Click here
to see more pictures of the Sembawang Hot Springs Park on our Facebook Page.

This park has a designated bicycle parking area, especially for bicycles!  very bike-friendly!  For those who don’t cycle, you can drive or take bus.  If you drive 🚘, you can park at Blk 114 Yishun Ring Road S(760114) hdb public carpark. It is just a short distance walk about 5-7mins walk.
There are a lot of buses that stops near this park. Bus numbers: 167, 167e, 800, 811(A), 856, 858(A), 859, 969, 980 Alight at Sembawang Road (Blk 114 Yishun Ring Road).  Or 167(e), 856, 858, 859, 969, 980
Alight at Sembawang Road (Opposite Blk 115B Yishun Ring Road).
FUN FACT: Sembawang Hot Spring, the only known 🌟 Natural Hot Spring in mainland Singapore, was discovered in 1908. You can read other facts in the signboards pictures I took. Process of formation of Hot springs when underground water comes into contact with the thermal heat of hot rock masses under Earth 🌏 crust (🌋 in water form). They are very educational and informative for both adults and kids.
Been to this place twice before it was renovated and revamped. Wow, what a Makeover. This place is so nice now. It is a small heritage park (reopened in January 2020) with lots of plants and flowers.
Used to be only some taps 🚰 that have constant flow of steaming hot spring water. I remembered the red brick house 🏠(with the well inside) and the giant tree 🌳 .
Now they have a central foot bath and egg cooking station, 3 covered sheltered seating areas. A cafe (halal, opening hours : 8am to 5pm (Monday), 8am to 8pm (Tuesday to Sunday). A bicycle parking area and restrooms.

There is a bicycle parking area especially for bikes! Bicycle friendly !

Many believe that soaking your legs in natural hot spring water (which contains a lot of minerals) has “healing” effects, good for rheumatism.
Some also believe that hot spring water will bring Good Luck ☘️. Huat Ah! 🥰. One of our friend used to fill up small bottles with clean spring water to bring back for cleaning her house and everything. Huat Ah ! 😍 旺兴發阿!👍👍👍💪🙏
We saw many people ( young and old ) soaking their feet’s with tubs of hot spring water, for health , good luck 🍀and fun 🥳!
🌟TIP for footbath at cascading pool area: we found out that the hot spring water in middle seating area is cooler, very ideal for footbath and first timers ! I went near to the corner seat where the water was very hot. You have to lift your feet out of water to cool them for a while(to let them breathe, otherwise your feet will be cooked, haha 😛). Then once your feet is cool, put them into the hot water again 🤣, you will see many doing leg raise and training their stomach muscles when you are there 😂.
Some brought their own Personal tubs for foot bath. (If you have a Giant tub, then you can have your Onsen in the open 🤣. Note: I didn’t see anyone doing that yet 🤣, only cleaning themselves with a towel with hot spring water 💧 ).
Or you can Rent a small tub at 💰 $1.50 or $2.50 depending on size for 90mins from a nearby cafe.
We didn’t bring any tub, so we had to wait for our turns at the communal foot bath area at the cascading pool.
Saw many people cooking eggs 🥚 at the Egg Cooking Station. This is the area where the hot spring water are 70 degrees celcius! Many adults and kids having lots fun 🥳. Remember to bring your soya sauce and pepper 🥳.
If you are tired or hungry, or you want to a cold drink or a cooler place, there is a cafe, Sembawang Eating House, within this Park. (Open 8am to 8pm).

Proper Restrooms / Toilets within Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Once you are done with exploring Sembawang Hot Spring Park, you can this route back to Sengkang via Sembawang Road… It is very straightforward, all the way until you reach Yishun Avenue 1 and you make a left turn.  The road pavement on this side of the road is quite narrow.  So ride slowly.  You may choose to go over to the other side of the road.  For beginner riders, please be extra careful.

From Yishun Avenue 1, cross over to Lentor Ave road pavement.  You can ride on the park connector (below) near Lower Seletar Reservoir.   Just go up the ramp (near the canal) to go up to the usual road pavement along Lentor Ave.  Then just continue to ride on the road pavement along the curvy Lentor Ave.  You will go under SLE expressway.

Park connector (below) near Lower Seletar Reservoir. Just go up the ramp (near the canal) to go up to the usual road pavement along Lentor Ave.

Go straight along Lentor Ave, there are some construction works ongoing, but they have set aside a path for cyclist.  Do ride slowly and carefully. Make a left turn to go to the road pavement along Yio Chu Kang Road.  This is quite a long stretch with some upslope climb at some parts of Yio Chu Kang Road.  (Switch to a lower gear for more power).  After the climb, you will have a easy time downslope.  Dont go too fast, control your speed.Once you see Greenwich V diagonally, you make a left turn to Sengkang West Road !  Whoala !!!  We reached Sengkang!  You can follow my route where we end our cycling trip for lunch at 350A Anchorvale Road.  We had Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Kolo Mee!  Or you can stop by Blk 455 foodcourt for lunch.

Just make a right turn into Sengkang West Ave and cycle straight…Once you passed Seletar Mall, you will see Pei Hwa Secondary then Layar LRT.  Just before Tongkang LRT, make a left turn and go straight.  Once you passed Sengkang Methodist Church, you reached Blk 350A Anchorvale Road.

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Kolo Mee at Blk 350A Anchorvale Road S(541350).

Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Kolo Mee at Blk 350A Anchorvale Road S(541350).  Click here for more pictures on my Facebook Page.

A Satisfied Lunch to end our cycling trip from Sengkang to Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

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