Steam Box 蒸好食@ Serangoon Garden


Steam Box 蒸好食
– High Speed Food Steaming

ADDRESS:  68 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555964
Tuesday – Friday : 11am – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm.
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays : 11.30am – 11pm.
Monday – CLOSED.

Steaming food is one of the best way to get the best out of your food.    However, the food for steaming MUST be very fresh !!!    You can find such food steaming by way of high-speed steaming at Steam Box at Serangoon Gardens which is very near Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre.    Instead of deep fried, oily and heavy food, TRY STEAMING, a much healthier way of eating!  All the goodness of the food are retained in the food if it is done properly and not over-cooked.

Well, Steam Box has simplified the process for their customers.  Everyone can be master Steaming Food even though they are first-timers.   When you order your favourite dishes/ ingredients, they will come in coloured plates.  These colours will tell you how long you should cook them.

The Steaming Times are indicated on the sticker near the controller device near the Steaming Pot.  As shown in the above –  White Plate ( 2mins ) , Yellow Plates ( 3mins ), Green Plate ( 4mins ), Pink Plate ( 5 mins ) and finally Grey Plates ( 6mins ).   The advantage of placing the ingredients on colour plates allows you to steam groups of different ingredients together as they share the same steaming time.

Bamboo Calms (Before Steaming)

Scallops (Before Steaming)

Mushrooms (Before Steaming)

Broccoli (Before Steaming)

Asparagus (Before Steaming)

Flower Crabs (Before Steaming)

Minced Pork (Before Steaming)

Before you start, they will place some calms and rice with some water in a pot under the metal steaming grille. They will then cover the grille and turn on the steam !!! When the steam gushes out from the holes on the cover, it is ready for STEAM PARTY !!!!

Place the raw ingredients on the metal circular grille, then cover them and set the TIMER according to the Steaming Time of coloured plates. If you are unsure of what to do, just ask the waiter or waitress for help, they will be glad to demonstrate the steaming to you.

Peeping into your food via the window while they change colour as they get cooked. Aroma of your fresh ingredient will gush out from the holes on the cover and on the sides. With every table letting out a lot of steams from their pot…you find yourself in a food heaven amongst misty steam clouds

Wa-lah !!! You can enjoy all the goodness and natural flavours all still in your food !!! Get the best out of every single cent you pay !!! Fresh, piping hot and juicy crabs

Scallops just before steaming

Scallops after 3mins of Steaming,  Juices in Shell !!!

Steamed Greens

After all the steaming, Wa-lah…you had cooked yourself a wonderful pot of Congee, absorbing all the goodness and juices of your steamed ingredients as they dripped or trickled to the pot of rice and water below.



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