Sembawang God of Wealth Temple 三巴旺财神庙


Want Better Luck in Wealth and Fortune for the coming Lunar New Year?
Besides all the wealth seminars and courses, This is THE place you Must go in Singapore :

Sembawang God of Wealth Temple 三巴旺财神庙 !!!  From its name, it’s easy to guess that this temple specialises in God of Wealth ( 财神 ) aka God of Fortune.

The temple’s statue of the God of Wealth is believed to be the Largest in the World !!!

Yes,  in Singapore !!!  and  in Sembawang!!!

Weighing 8,290 kg and standing at 9.44 metres tall, the golden statue of God of Wealth is so Gigantic that it probably will not fit into any ordinary temple within walls.  The giant God of Wealth statue is perched ON THE ROOF TOP of the temple building !!!  (It is so prominent and you cannot missed it when you are walking or driving along Woodlands Ave 10 near T-Junction of Admiralty Road West !!!)

The God of Wealth is most worshiped by a lot of Chinese devotees. During the lunar Chinese New Year, they will hang a picture of the God of Wealth in their home for blessings of good luck and fortune.  With Golden Ingots 金元宝 in his left hand and Jade Ruyi Sceptre 玉如意 in his right hand.  They symbolise Wealth and Career Prosperity.

Thousands of devotees visit the temple for good luck with 4D, $12Million Toto, $2.3Million Big Sweep, Career Promotion, Better Luck in Wealth and Fortune in Business and Career !   And it is FREE admission !!! (Of course, do show abit-bit of your sincerity towards their donation boxes if you can ;))

Sembawang God Of Wealth

Sembawang God of Wealth Temple  三巴旺财神庙
Address : 28 Admiralty Street, Singapore 757611
Opening Hours :  24 hours (Free admission, open to public)
Website :
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Sembawang God of Wealth Temple is OPEN everyday, 365 days a year, 24 hours, every minute, every second.
No wonder, 4D and Toto always OPEN lah !  Huat Ah!!!

Two noteworthy events for temple are:

1) 接财神  Receiving God of Wealth
(Chinese Lunar New Year Eve 10.30pm –  This year : 7th Feb 2016)

Every Chinese New Year Eve is the best time to receive God of Wealth to bring back home. It is believed that With the wealth luck and blessings, it will help Businesses and Careers “Direct Wealth 正财“, as well as “Heng Cai or Indirect Wealth from Side 偏财” for unexpected wealth windfall. lottery, etc !!!!  ( if you want the special god of wealth receiving package [joss sticks, god of wealth banner, lamp, etc], you need to pay $30)

Sembawang God of Wealth Temple Crowd

Sembawang God of Wealth Temple :    Do expect 人山人海 , mountains of people and sea of people. Enjoy!

 财神宝诞 Birthday of God of Wealth
(Fifth day of First Lunar Month 9am-12am – This Year : 12th Feb 2016 )

The ONLY chance in a year to Walk 3 times around the BIG Statue of the God of Wealth on the temple’s roof top to bring back endless wealth blessing for the whole year !  Held only once in a year on the Birthday of God of Wealth, the temple allow devotees and the public to get close up to the world largest God of Wealth
(It’s Free admission and lots of luck to bring back 😉

Sembawang God Of Wealth Temple

Sembawang God of Wealth Birthday Event                                   (Image by Sembawang God Of Wealth Temple)

For all other events:

财神到 !  财神到 !   Happy Chinese New Year to all !  Huat Ah !  發發發 !

May all Luck & Wealth and Fortune Blessings come to you in your career, business and everything !  發 啊 !!!


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