Refinancing your existing Home Mortgage Loan


We have all heard from the news that Home Mortgage Rates have been changing , and one of my buyer has just got a new mortgage loan package from a mortgage loan manager I always use.  The interest rate was low.

You may want to check if the current interest rate is much lower than the interest rate of your existing Home Mortgage Loan, it may be worthwhile to do a Refinancing.

Then the next question is :  Which Bank offers the Best interest rates?

Scroll down to the following Chart which shows the prevailing interest rates from various banks in Singapore (by icompareloan) :

DBS, UOB, OCBC, MayBank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, RHB, Citibank, Hong Leong Finance, Bank of China, etc.

These interest rates subjected to changes, as banks are constantly updating their loan packages and having different promotions. Terms & conditions may vary too.  There are certain conditions like Loan Size, Minimum Lock-In Period, etc.  It is important to ask the Banker to tell you more about details of these conditions.

You can use these rates as references when you speak to your banker about refinancing.

if you don’t have a banker, just WhatsApp me S.K.Yeo at 93667373 and I can link you up with a senior mortgage loan manager.  Usually I will refer my buyers to him, he has direct contacts with all the various banks. You can contact him to advise you on which bank offers the best rates or the best promotion package for almost all the banks in Singapore.


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