Old Nyonya 老娘惹 @ Maxwell Food Centre , Famous Since 1960


Maxwell Food Centre is one of favourite food centre where local and tourist foodies will go for Singapore Food.  It is one of the biggest hawker / food centres in Singapore.  Some of the stalls has a long history and very well known for their culinary skills.   Currently, Maxwell MRT Station (along Thomson East Coast MRT Line) is under construction, and when it is ready around 2021.   Maxwell Food Centre is located just beside Maxwell MRT, it will be super conveniently !!!  

if you are around Maxwell Food Centre, you can visit Stall 4, Old Nyonya 老娘惹 Famous Since 1960.   This Stall Serves Nyonya delicacies !!!!.  For Breakfast, you can try their Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Lontong or Signature Laksa.  Nonya Laksa does not have “Hum” or Cockes, instead they have prawns in their flavourful gravy.

For lunch or dinner, Redang Chicken and Curry Chicken are their favourites. Then complete your meal with a bowl of their Signature Bobo Cha Cha !!!   Very affordably priced for a taste of Old Nonya recipes famous since 1960.

Old Nyonya, famous since 1960

Sgnature Nonya Laksa. MUSSST TRY.  Tempted to finish all the gravy !!!

Curry Chicken, rich and flavour-ful gravy !!!

A Nonya Classic, Redang Chicken !!! You should TRY this too !

Lontong !!! Great for Breakfast !

Mee Rebus, i love their generous toppings, egg with dark soy sauce!

Mee Siam, one of the favourites in the morning !

Bo Bo Cha Cha. Very Nice dessert after a meal !!!

Old Nyonya 老娘惹 Famous Since 1960
Maxwell Food Centre , Stall 4.
1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184  (Click for directions)


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