Lorong Ah Soo Hawker Food Centre ( Hainanese Village ) at Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1


Blk 105 Hougang Lorong Ah Soo Hainanese Village Hawker Centre. 羅弄阿苏
Address: Blk 105, Hougang Ave 1, S(530105) 

There are 3 Hawker & Food Centres in Hougang, one at Kovan Hawker Centre (Near Kovan MRT), another newly opened CiYuan Hawker at Hougang Ave 9 and this 105 Hougang Lor Ah Soo Hawker Centre.

Hougang Area is traditionally famous for its Teochew-speaking community but Lorong Ah Soo is perhaps one part of Hougang where many early Hainanese Chinese Immigrant settled.   This may be the reason why   Block 105 Hougang Avenue 1 Hawker Centre was colloquially known as Lorong Ah Soo Hainanese Village Food Centre.

Like many old-school hawker centre, it comprises of the Wet Market (1st Level)  and Cooked food (Hawker Food – at 2nd Level).  There are many Food Gems in this “old” Hawker Centre in Hougang where the heartlanders, elderly and people from newer town (like Sengkang and Punggol) gathers in the morning for their favourite breakfast and lunch!!   These are the must try!!! And most of them require some patience as they always have queues especially during peak hours & weekends !

@ Teochew Porridge, Lor Ah Soo Hawker。


Mao Sheng Teochew Porridge 茂盛潮州粥飯
ADDRESS: Blk 105, Hougang Ave 1, #02-02 Singapore 530105
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The yardstick of a steamed fish is the freshness of the fish !  And this stall definitely has it !

Early morning breakfast. 5.45am this stall opens. I am their first customer. Fishes just came out of the steamer. Hot hot hot. Eat the fish while it is hot !!

@ Braised Duck, Lor Ah Soo Hawker。


Ming Fa Duck Rice 明发鸭饭. ( It is the first stall !!! 天字一号!)
ADDRESS: Blk 105, Hougang Ave 1, #02-01 Singapore 530105
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Braised Duck Noodle. 🌟. The dark-coloured gravy sauce is the Soul of this dish. The meat soft and tender. The red chilli 🌶 with ikan billis looked really potent with bursting flavours. It is a must have.
If you eat the duck meat with the vinegary garlic chilli marinate, it offers another dimension to your taste buds.

#02-20 Da Zhong Cafe 大衆茶室 – Kopi, Teh, Steamed Bread & Eggs


This husband and Wife team serves one of the best Coffee.  There is always a stream of customers queuing up for its small cup coffee and tea.  The way the Husband “tarik” the coffee, pouring from one container to the other is quite a show !!!   It is believed to have added fragrance to his fresh coffee brew  !!!    MUST TRY !!!

Another Must Try is their steamed bread  (instead of the usual toasted bread)

#02-24 Punggol Noodles – Minced Pork (Balls) Noodles

The stall owner is a very friendly Teochew man who lost his right hand due to an industrial accident.  Without his right hand, he is still able to cook up his unique style of delicious Punggol Noodles !!!!  Besides the usual minced pork, Punggol Noodles is famous for his Minced Pork Balls which is bouncy, tender and super nice!.  MUST-TRY !!!  Try Order Mee Pok Dry with a bowl of Meat Ball Soup.

Very inspirational and Motivating to watch this man using only one arm to cook his famed Bak Chor Mee ( Minced Pork Noodles ),  He painstakingly prepares his Minced Pork separately from the noodles so that the porky juice is retained in the meat !!!  There are probably only a handful that sells his kind or style of Bak Chor Mee… MUST TRY!!!   Husband and Wife team!!!  His Wife usually help him in taking the orders and preparing the Minced Pork, while the Man cooks the noodles !!!

One Whole piece of Minced Pork stacked on top of the well chilli-flavoured noodles. To top it off, Tee-Por (Dried Fish) is added to give an extra accent to the Bak Chor Mee

Ordered an extra bowl of their famed Mince Pork Balls for $2. very delicious ball of meat !!! You can purchase these Meat Ball in bulk from them.

Sweetness in the Minced Pork Balls, Raw-ness and Done-ness is perfectly balanced, preserving the goodness within.

Punggol Noodles at Hougang Lorong Ah Soo. if you literally translate from the Chinese Characters, their signature is Dry Noodles. 干面

#02-02 Mao Sheng Teochew Porridge 茂盛潮州粥飯

ADDRESS: Blk 105, Hougang Ave 1, #02-02 Singapore 530105

The yardstick of a steamed fish is the freshness of the fish !  And this stall definitely has it !

Fresh steamed fish, with fermented bean and a few slices of ginger. Simply perfect for Teochew Porridge

Teochew Steamed Fishcakes coupled with stir fried vege. Simple pleasure of Life!

A perfect healthy breakfast to start the day !!!

Mao Sheng Teochew Porridge 茂盛潮州粥飯 @ Lorong Ah Soo Hawker Centre, Hougang

Mao Sheng Teochew Porridge 茂盛潮州粥飯 @ Lorong Ah Soo Hawker Centre, Hougang


#02-25 Beach Road Old Signboard Prawn Noodle

This stall doesn’t serve Big Prawn Noodle like the Beach Road Prawn Noodle stall at East Coast.  They serve normal size prawns, with very reasonable at $3/$3.50.  Its Soup packs Power !!!   Must Try its Prawn noodle dry or Prawn Noodle soup.  Once you tried it, you will come back for more !!!

#02-27 Teo Heng Cooked Food – Kuey Chap

It is not for everyone, but If you are a Pig-Intestine & Kuey Chap Foodie, this is for Definitely for you!

This family-run stall have been selling Kuey Chap for many many years.  The team of teochew brothers and sisters serves the cleanest, and fragrant, tasty Teochew-style Pig Intestine in Hougang.  And its pricing is one of the lowest !!!  if you combine High Quality and Low Price, what do you get???  One of the MOST POPULAR kueh chap stall !!!.  One drawback is that their waiting time is usually about 20-30minutes on weekdays and as long as 45minutes on weekends/ public holidays.  However, you just need to place your order telling them your table number, they will deliver to your table.  Waiting will be done sitting comfortably rather than standing in queue.  Some smart ones place their order first, then go to the Wet Market at level one.  By the time marketing is done, your order is almost ready!   Don’t MISS,  Definitely WORTH THE WAIT.  Super Value for Money.

#02-30  Yi Liu Xiang – Nasi Lemak, Coconut Rice

Opening Hours: 6.30am to 12pm noon.  (Closed on Mondays and Thursdays)

This Stall always have a snake-like queue infront of its stall !!!   Its Nasi Lemak set starts at $2.50, which consist of Nasi Lemak Coconut Rice, Egg, Kuning Fish and Ikan Billis plus its super nice chilli.  You can add additional ingredients like Fish Fillet, Fish Cake, Egg Omettle, Ikan Billis.  The quality of the ingredients and the Coconut Rice is really top-notch, very well done with passion.  This is the reason why foodies keeps coming back and doesn’t mind the queuing time.   They also sell Japanese Silver Ikan Billis for $7/container.

Take note of its opening hours, their business hours is only in the morning.  Once the clock strike 12 noon (not midnight),  they are closed.  MUST TRY.

#02-31 Jiu Ji Shu Shi – Lontong, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam

Hougang residents and heartlanders’ favourite breakfast !!!!  Nice Lontong , Mee Rebus, Mee Siam… all affordably priced at $2.50

#02-41 Wang Jiao Cooked Food – Wanton Noodles

Wang Jiao is well know for its Wanton Noodles, with springy noodles and very nice Wantons !

#02-47 Yong Seng Teochew Fishball Mee – Fishball Mee and Laksa

This Teochew stall serves very nice Fishball Noodle and Laksa.   This stall had just done a relocation recently and this is their new stall address.   You can also order their side dish – Deep Fried fish Fritters.


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