Lao Wang Claypot Delights at Punggol Oasis Terraces


Claypot Delights Since 1985 !!!  Value for Money !!!  Signature Sesame Chicken Claypot $5.20. Sambal Seafood Claypot $8.50, Herbal Frogleg Soup $8.50.  Wu Xiang at $5.00 !!!  Sambal Kang Kong $5.00 !!!  This Sambal Kang Kong is so good that my son said he wants to eat again the very next day after he tried it for the first time.  Pricing point of this stall is slightly cheaper than usual Zi Char fare, this seems to have attracted long queues during peak hours like Weekends nights.

Oasis Terraces #01-15 : Lau Wang Claypot Delights.

Address: OASIS TERRACES #01-15, 681 Punggol Drive Singapore 820681.
Streetdirectory Map : click here

INTERESTING NOTES about Lao Wang Claypot Delights :

  • Established for 33 years in Singapore, having been serving claypot since 1985.
  • Main Stall at Coffee Shop @ Blk 263 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-43, Singapore 550263.
  • Pricing is lower at Serangoon Stall as it is non-airconditioned and located at Coffee Shop.

All the MUST TRY are listed in this POSTER of Lau Wang Claypot Delights.  Sesame Chicken $5.20, Homemade Ngog Hiang at $5.00, Herbal Frog Leg Soup at $8.50 ( 1 Frog) / $16.00 ( 2 Frogs) / $22 ( 3 Frogs) and Sambal Seafood at $8.50.

Wait to be seated. Once you found your seat, you may order from this order chit. Just tick your favourite dishes / items. $0.60 for a bowl of rice. Here is pocket friendly. No GST. No Service Charge.  Nett Price.  Value for Money.

Lao Wang Claypot : This is the Sambal Kang Kong that you have to ORDER , $5.00 !!! Packed with lots of hae bee sambal !!! Very Nice.

Lau Wang’s Ngoh Hiang (Wu Xiang) at $5.00, MUSSSST TRY too !!

Lau Wang Herbal Frogleg Soup Claypot. $8.50.   A Healthier choice if you are looking for soupy soupy eats for lunch or dinner. They have the other dark sauce version too.

Lau Wang Gong-Bao Froglegs $8.00 for 1 Frog.

Their sesame chicken / sambal seafood are GOODDDD too.  Served in claypots to keep the dishes warm for a longer time.

Lao Wang Claypot Sambal Eggplant (Binjal) with Minced Meat at $5.20

Lao Wang Claypot New Item: Mala Chicken Mix at $8.90

Oasis Terraces #01-15 : Lau Wang Claypot Delights. Packed with people, young and old during peak hours !

MUSSSST TRY.  To avoid the LONGGGGG Queues, you may want to go on weekdays.   No GST, No 10% Service charge!!!  Value for Money.

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Enjoy !!! 


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