Kelantan Origin Nasi Kukus at 273C Punggol Place (Near MRT)



Address: 273C Punggol Place foodcourt (very near Punggol MRT station).

Special Thanks to a recommendation by Charlene Songlin. I tabao their Signature Fried Chicken Nasi Kukus.

Nasi Kukus, literally translates to Steamed Rice. This halal-certified stall specialize in Kelantan traditional steamed rice.

White rice are placed in small separate aluminium bowls before they are steamed in a large special container. This steaming method makes the rice softer & fluffy.

Each Nasi kukus set order comes with one small bowl of steamed rice with a selection of one main dish (chicken, fish, sotong, prawn or mutton). It is served with scoop of curry sauce over the rice, half a hard-boiled egg, Achar and sambal chilli. You can add fish cracker for an extra dollar. Their curry chicken set is $3 ! Value for money.

I ordered their Signature Fried Chicken Nasi Kukus at $5. ( it is available on Grab Food, but this chicken set price is $8.50, so my advice is to tabao at the physical store!). It comes with a Whole chicken thigh. I read reviews that they use only fresh chicken thighs (not frozen) and they were cooked in small batches.

The fried chicken thigh was big! It definitely taste better if you eat it by holding it with your fingers. This size certainly requires more finger holding power, but it was really Fingers licking good! My wife, my Mumil and I loved the crispy skin, full of flavours. And the meat beneath remained juicy. The curry gravy, sambal chilli and Achar completes a satisfying lunch.

Besides Nasi Kukus, this stall has another version of rice called Nasi Dagang Trader Rice. It is a mixture of white & red rice, cooked in coconut milk. It costs 50cents more.

Will be back next time to try their Nasi Dagang. And I will add the fish cracker.
Need to do more exercises after such heavy meals 😁.

Blk 273C Punggol Place foodcourt (very near Punggol MRT station).


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