Eat Eat Eat all the Best HALAL Malay / Indian / Fusion Food in Sengkang and Punggol 從盛港到榜鵝吃吃吃所有最好吃的馬來印度食品


If you are Mee Rebus / Nasi Lemak / Nasi Padang or Bryani Prata lover, and you are staying or passing by Sengkang or Punggol, do give these outlets a try !!!   They are probably the best of the best in this area. !!!!

Disclaimer & Note:  While we make efforts to ensure that all stalls listed here are Halal certified, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be Halal certified.  Please double check for their Halal certification at the stall before you make any purchase if you are looking for Halal only food.




D’LAKSA.(Halal certified establishment).
Address : Compass One #B1-46, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078

My first encounter with this Super Assam Laksa was in JB (Malaysia) many many years ago, when a friend said this store is a must-try!

It came to Singapore, and in Compass One a few years back. Now, they have a few outlets in Singapore. If you like Assam Laksa, you must go try.

Assam Laksa + Assam Lobster 🦞 balls. (HALAL)

Sengkang-Food-Compass-One-D-Laksa-Assam-Laksa-2Before serving you, they will express out a dash of dark prawn paste into the gravy, completing the savoury Assam Laksa.

The sour-ness, the sardine fish, the 🧅 onion, shredded cucumber… Really very potent assam laksa. You are going to remember this for a Long time.

Affordably priced at $4.50. Try the steaming hot lobster balls too. 5 for $3.50.



Lepak One Corner by Yassin Kampung
Address: Blk 326 Anchorvale Road (Anchorvale Horizon) Singapore 540326, near Sengkang Sports Hub.
Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm daily.

Anyone tried Durian Chicken🐤?

Lepak One Corner by Yassin Kampung (Halal). This branch opened in Anchorvale, Sengkang in 1st Quarter 2020.

They have other branches islandwide, notably in Kampung Admiralty (Woodlands) & Marsiling. Checkout their website :

Watch their video. They have 250 dishes. One of their signature dish is Kampung Durian Chicken! And Sambal Stingray & Smoked duck 🦆. And Sichuan Mala Fried Crab too & Claypot Tanghoon !. (not sure if they have the same menu for all branches, not sure if they have Durian chicken in Sengkang 😄).

It’s Halal Cze Cha Zichar. 👍👍👍. Shall try soon…


YES ! NASI KUKUS (Halal certified)
Address: 273C Punggol Place foodcourt (very near Punggol MRT station).
For more photos click here.

Nasi Kukus, literally translates to Steamed Rice. This halal-certified stall specialize in Kelantan traditional steamed rice.

White rice are placed in small separate aluminium bowls before they are steamed in a large special container. This steaming method makes the rice softer & fluffy.

Each Nasi kukus set order comes with one small bowl of steamed rice with a selection of one main dish (chicken, fish, sotong, prawn or mutton). It is served with scoop of curry sauce over the rice, half a hard-boiled egg, Achar and sambal chilli. You can add fish cracker for an extra dollar. Their curry chicken set is $3 ! Value for money.

I ordered their Signature Fried Chicken Nasi Kukus at $5.00. ( it is available on Grab Food, but this chicken set price is $8.50, so my advice is to tabao at the physical store!). It comes with a Whole chicken thigh. I read reviews that they use only fresh chicken thighs (not frozen) and they were cooked in small batches.

The fried chicken thigh was big! It definitely taste better if you eat it by holding it with your fingers. This size certainly requires more finger holding power, but it was really Fingers licking good! My wife, my Mumil and I loved the crispy skin, full of flavours. And the meat beneath remained juicy. The curry gravy, sambal chilli and Achar completes a satisfying lunch.

Blk 273C Punggol Place foodcourt (very near Punggol MRT station).

Besides Nasi Kukus, this stall has another version of rice called Nasi Dagang Trader Rice. It is a mixture of white & red rice, cooked in coconut milk. It costs 50cents more.

Will be back next time to try their Nasi Dagang. And I will add the fish cracker.
Need to do more exercises after such heavy meals 😁.


Vending Machine Address:  Blk 473A Fernvale Street, Singapore 791473. Inside D’Laundry Shop

Power Nasi Lemak Vending Machine in Sengkang, near Kupang LRT. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak since 1971. Automation…self serve. I prefer traditional way. It will be good if you have a sudden craving late in the night or early wee hours.

Vending Machine with Power Nasi Lemak Boon Lay Logo, One stop Solution for Authentic Halal Malay & Asian Meals

The contrast of the screen was quite bad, cannot really see the menu and its wordings clearly. Price range is around $5.00-$7.50

The Power Nasi Lemak Vending Machine is located inside this D’Laundry Shop just next to Kupang LRT Station at Blk 473A Fernvale Street near Sheng Siong Supermarket.


Address:  Blk 312A Sumang Link, #01-05 PUNGGOL PARCVISTA, Singapore 821312.

Mutton Briyani. Tabao by Delivery. Nice Indian Muslim Food!  They have about 14 stalls islandwide.


Address: Blk 338 Anchorvale Crescent Singapore 540338 (7 Star foodcourt)

Specialty : Ayam Panggang & Satay.  This Outlet in Sengkang anchorvale opened since late 2019. They have other outlets in Ang Mo Kio & Bukit Merah. Ordered their Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Their Chicken was marinated with nice spices. $3.50. You can try their curry puff , Ayam Panggang or other Nasi Padang Dishes for lunch and dinner.

Address: Blk 182A Rivervale Crescent Singapore 541184 (Foodpark foodcourt)

I personally like their Mee Rebus alot !!!  And their Nasi Padang !!!  Beef Redang and Sambal Cuttlefish !

Dishes are a bit more pricey than usual Nasi Padang.  Although you feel the pinch, but when the spices and gravy enters your taste buds, well…you will come back for more as it is hard to find such good authentic flavours. Especially the beef rendang and the cuttlefish.  Sedap !!!  Their Mee Rebus / Mee Siam is very popular for breakfast !

Nasi Padang Indonesia Bandung in Sengkang

Nasi Padang Indonesia Bandung in Sengkang

Super sedap Rendang Beef and Cuttlefish. MUST TRY!!! Gravy is very very POWER !!! You will come back for more !

One of the Nicest Mee Rebus in Sengkang. Very nice gravy )….. $3.00

Mee Soto & Begedil. Added some Super Hot Chilli Padi

Mee Siam

You can try their Mee Siam in the morning for breakfast too !  $3.00

Nasi Padang Indonesia Bandung in Sengkang

Nasi Padang Indonesia Bandung in Sengkang

Address:  Blk 312A Sumang Link Singapore 821312 (Foodcourt).

I have to go to this stall 3 times before i get to taste their Mee Rebus. They have different menu on different days.  It is not fixed. One day they will have Mee Rebus and the other day they will serve Mee Siam (No Mee Rebus !!!). They dont serve Mee Rebus and Mee Siam on the Same day!!!. That is for breakfast , if you want something light !!!

Their main signature is their Nasi Padang Dishes !  They have very authentic regular Nasi Padang dishes, and some rare ones.  Even those regular dishes like rendang Chicken and beef tasted superb!!! During Dinner or weekends, the queue is very long!   It is really worth the wait!  Hurry  !  Go TRY this Nasi Padang stall for those Heavy-taste-budded Foodie (重口味)

Mee Rebus

Salted-Vege-Fried-Chicken and Chilli Chicken. You MUST TRY THESE !!!! Super delicious ! You dont get them in regular Nasi Padang Stalls!

Fish & Fish !!! Pefectly fried Ikan Fish !!!

Their Redangs are really Sedap !!!! Thumbs Up !!!

Sumang Nasi Padang ! On the right bottom hand corner, there is a little “Today’s Menu”. It will tell you what they have for the day. On a Lucky day, you get the dishes you want. if not, just “adventure” to another dish you have not tried before !

Address: HDB Fernvale Rivergrove, Blk 473 Fernvale Street Singapore 790473 (Coffee Stop 473 foodcourt, next to Sheng Siong Supermarket)

This is one of the best Prata stall in Sengkang. Blk 473 Fernvale Street Coffeeshop. Mohamed Javed Indian Muslim Food. Many stalls have changed tenants, this is one of the few that have been here for a Long time.

They are also famous for their Nasi Briyani. Located besides Kupang LRT Station (Sengkang) and Sheng Siong Supermarket. You can shop for groceries after breakfast.

The dish you MUST TRY is their Chicken or Mutton Briyani,  SUPER NICE !  My muslim friends says it is better than a lot of other places. REALLY MUST TRY !!  Also their Prata and Thosai !!!!

Coin Prata. Roti Prata with egg. Perfectly done. Golden Brown and not oily. Nice Fish Curry too.

Roti Prata –  served hot !  if you noticed the picture, the prata was “slapped with both hands” before being served !  Of course, you get your prata flipped and flipped the traditional way. (Some prata shops now only press and fry the dough).  Everyone deserve a prata like the above!  Hope they can maintain the standard !!!!  Their Thosai is Good too !

Address: Blk 182A Rivervale Crescent Singapore 541184 (Foodpark foodcourt)

@ CITRUS BISTRO (Halal certified), SENGKANG 盛港
Address:  57 Anchorvale Road, Sengkang Swimming Complex, S544964.
Streetdirectory Map
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun & PH 9am – 9pm. (Last Order 8.30pm)

Located INSIDE our famous Sengkang Swimming Complex, Citrus Bistro offers relaxed alfresco dining by the pool.  You can gain FREE Entry to Citrus Bistro (without paying the entrance fee to the swimming pool) by informing the staff at the Pool entrance.  Absolutely FREE for customers who dine-ins or takeaways at Citrus. Btw,


Address: 248 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799470
Opening Hours : 6.30pm to 11.30pm

Savoury is a Halal Certified Cafe which serves Halal food and high quality own-made gelato ice cream.  It has a wide selection of gelato flavours !  They also serves Coffee and Western food such as Pasta, steak and seafood.

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