Eat Eat Eat all the Best Chicken / Duck / Roasted Meat Rice/ Noodle in Sengkang and Punggol


All the best and nicest Roasted Delights you can find in Sengkang and Punggol, including Roasted Chicken 烧雞, Hainanese Poached Chicken 海南白斬雞, Roasted Duck 烧鸭, Char Siew 叉烧, Roasted Pork 烧肉 delicacies.

Disclaimer:  Standards of recommended outlets may differ from time to time, chefs and their moods, raw ingredient batches may be different, Personal preferences may vary too. One man’s meat may be another man’s xxxx.   Use this only as a guide to locate these outlets, and use your own personal judgement to decide if you want to try eating. 人人口味不同,请用这里的美食讯息作为参考。希望您能找到您所喜欢与爱吃的食物!




Address : Blk 308C Punggol Walk (Foodgle Foodcourt) Singapore 823308. Waterway Terraces I
Near Sumang LRT

$2 Chicken Rice!!! 🌟 Very Nice, Decent Portion and Value for money!!! Where to find in Sengkang & Punggol 🤣This stall was mentioned sometime back by one of our member, Mr Toh. Been to this foodcourt many times, but didn’t really try until today. I thought it will be very small portion with very little chicken!

Today, when my $2 chicken rice came… Eh, looks like what you normally get for a $3 or $3.50 plate.

The chicken is 🌟. Not fat and oily. Thin roasted chicken skin. Rice also 👍. Their chilli is good too. Very worth it!

I was curious why the stall name is 261 Roasted Delights when the address is 308C Sumang Walk. I asked the owner and he told me that he was previously operating at Blk 261 (near Soo Teck LRT) and when he shifted to the current location, he wanted his customers to know that his stall shifted from 261.

Hope they can maintain the chicken standard and the portions like today. It will be really good for residents in Punggol and Sengkang! A very decent $2 meal! Value for money. In Sengkang & Punggol, not sure if you can find any other decent-portion chicken rice at $2.


Address: Blk 417 Fernvale Link, Singapore 790417, Foodcourt

Very nice Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork & “black ” Char Siew .  Tabo.  Thod the stall holder that I wanted $5 for each type of meat.  Total $15.


Address: Blk 417 Fernvale Link, Singapore 790417, Foodcourt

32years of history since 1986 and culinary skills in Chicken Rice,  this new addition is a delight to Sengkang foodies !!!  Multiple outlets at 153 Tyrwhitt Road, Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre #02-113 Smith Street, Beach Road Hawker Centre B1-45.  Besides their chicken rice, try their famous Curry Chicken Noodle too !

For Tyrwhit advance orders / delivery: 9320 0003

Poached White Chicken 白雞腿飯

Roasted Chicken Drumstick Rice 燒雞腿飯

Address: Blk 430D Fernvale Link, Singapore 794430, Happy Hawker Foodcourt.

This Duck Rice stall is a hidden gem, was recommended by a friend who stays in Fernvale.  Indeed, its roasted duck rice is very good.  Must Try!!

Rong Kee 榮记, PUNGGOL
Address: Punggol Plaza, 168 Punggol Field Singapore 820168 (Koufu foodcourt)

Rong Kee 榮记 at Punggol Plaza is one of my favourite stall for Hainanese Chicken Rice.  Whether it is Poached Chicken or Roasted Chicken Rice, both are equally as good!!!  When it comes to its Roasted Chicken, the roasted Skin is heavenly !!  Something that you want to eat, not oily and taste sedap!!! Coupled with its very fragrant chicken-flavoured rice and its Green ginger and Red chilli, it is definitely value for money!  i LOVE the Green Ginger !!!!!  The “Chicken” Rice is so nice that on a good day, you can even eat a whole plate of this Rice without the chicken  Do expect a queue in front during weekends.   They also serve one of the Best Wanton Noodle.  Their Self-made Char Siew is very lean and covered with a thin layer of “honey” sweet sauce that comes with a well done roasted texture !.

My favourite Wanton Noodle. $3.80. One of the Best Char Siew in Punggol. Self-Roasted !!!

Lam’s Signature (Since 1975)  阿南, PUNGGOL
Address:  Waterway Point (Shopping Centre), 83 Punggol Central 828761.  Cookhouse by Koufu (Foodcourt), West Wing Level 2, #02-20.

阿南甘榜鹽焗雞 Salted Baked Kampung Chicken is one of the specialty of Lam’s Signature.  Its other signature dish is its Abalone Noodle.  I personally find the Salted Baked Kampung Chicken a better dish, baked with salt (Not the usual fried or steam hainanese style).  Just order the Salted Baked Kampung Chicken THIGH if it is for one person.

Salted Baked Kampung Chicken THIGH. Look like it is A Powerful and Athletic Thigh, right? Lean and Mean !!! Sure, all Kampung Chicken has a lot of running to do as they are not enclosed in a cage !!! In Kampung, they Can play hide and seek too !!!.  Happy Chicken, Happy Body, Happy Thigh !!!

Chicken Thigh Flesh is Fresh. It rhymes , doesn’t it ? Juicy ( Not dry like fried chicken ) and all the wonderful nutrients retained beneath the Golden soft skin.  And the liquid “Chap” or the gravy… that is very nourishing too ! You can scoop it and eat it with your rice ! SEDDDDDAP !!!

DUCK MASTER 鸭师傅, SENGKANG. (Permanently Closed)
Address:  Seletar Mall (Shopping Centre), 33 Sengkang West Avenue #B1-K2 Singapore 797653.
Opening Hours:  10:00am – 9:00pm Daily

Famous Freshly Roasted Duck at affordable $16 a duck!!!   Crispy skin like Peking Duck,  they sell it to you FRESH & HOT from the OVEN !!!!  Duck Master says that each duck is Roasted to perfection before your very eyes in its electric tempered glass oven, spinning and dancing while getting roasted !  Recently, they have added duck-cutting and Roasted Char Siew to their Menu. (See Below)

Click HERE for more pics and information of DUCK MASTER.

Click on the video to see the dancing ducks !

When Duck Master first opened in Seletar Mall, there is no duck chopping, customers have to bring back the whole roasted duck, it is great that they introduce this duck chopping service at $2.  New items Char Siew and Roasted Pork are very popular.!!!  Always Sold out !  Lastest Update: Price increased

New item, Roasted Char Siew, is very popular !!!  100g for $3.50 and 500g for $15.00.  Be there early as it will be out of stock after some time. !!!


Address: Blk 266 Compassvale Bow #01-01, Singapore 540266 MSCP, Shi Fu Foodcourt.

You MUST ORDER their Roasted Pork 烧肉. Very crisp crust of golden brownish skin. Their Char Siew and White Chicken are very nice too. My Favourite is still their “Shio Bak” 烧肉 !Super crunchy and crispy skin !!!

They have been operating at blk 266 for a long time !!! The Set menu, Chicken Rice with stew soup or Roasted Duck Rice with stew soup , costs $5.50 only !!!

Address: OASIS TERRACE, #04-01 Gourmet Paradise (Koufu) Foodcourt, 681 Punggol Drive Singapore 820681 , Punggol. ( Click here to check out Oasis Terraces ).

Super nice Roasted Pork with crispy top skin !!! Tastefully delicious !

Roasted Duck, with thin skins and flavour-ful gravy.

Roasted Delights Stall at Gourmet Paradise by Koufu (#04-01)

Address: Blk 417 Fernvale Link, Singapore 790417, Foodcourt

This is not the regular Roasted Chicken Rice !!!  It is Nas Lemak Lemak !!!.  I Have included this stall here as they have very nice Fried Chicken Drumstick.  Usual Nasi Lemak Comes with Chicken Wings only.   This Fried Chicken Drumstick is best eaten by taking it with your fingers and sending it between your teeth !!!    Coupled  with their ikan bills, which is slightly different from traditional one as they use the small anchovies.  Plus the fried Kunning fish !!! And their super nice sambal chilli sauce !!!  Make a Great Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner or Supper choice !!!   i love the fried Chicken Drumstick !!!  Sedap ! 

Address: Blk 330 Anchorvale Street #01-02, Singapore 540330, Foodcourt (Permanently Closed). 

Address: Blk 218 Sumang Walk 820218 (Punggol HDB Matilda Portico Blk 218 Multi-Storey Carpark)

This two malaysian partners does the roasting by themselves.  Check out their roasted Char-Siew, Very Lean and well done. Roasted Duck is also my Favourite !

@ SIN KEE FAMOUS CHICKEN RICE 正新记驰名鸡饭 SENGKANG [Permanently Closed]
Address: 60 Compass One, 1 Sengkang Square, #02-37, Singapore 545078
Opening Hours:  10:00am – 10:00pm Daily

Founded in 1971 by the late Mr Leong, Sin Kee Chicken Rice is fondly remembered by regulars as the Chicken Rice stall at the second floor of the now-defunct Margaret Drive Hawker Centre and then Mei Ling Food Centre.  Long lines used to form at the hawker stall, with many raving about the lightly fragrant rice, unique ginger dip and the addictive chilli sauce.. His eldest son, Mr Niven Leong, who is known by many as Uncle Chicken, is keeping his father heritage by selling the same authentic flavour of Cantonese-style Chicken with the same recipe, passed down from one generation to another.. Beside Compass One outlet, Sin Kee has two other outlets in Millenia Walk & Bukit Batok West Mall.

Sin Kee Signboard

Poached Chicken Rice $4.80.    Very Nice !!!  The Rice is very fragrant !



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