Beehive Homemade Pineapple Tarts, all the way from Indonesia to Sengkang


Super Nice Pineapple Tarts.  You just cannot stop at eating one !!!   Lena’s friend ordered 6 containers, took bus back home. By the time, she reached home, she only had got 5 containers left !!!  SHE FINISHED ONE WHOLE CONTAINER on her bus trip !!!!

See Story below for how these pineapple tarts come all the way from Indonesia to Sengkang!

Pineapple tarts Fresh from the Oven

The story goes back 30+ years ago when Lena help out in her Mama’s Bakery shop in Boon Keng.  She was only Sec 1 when she got her hands on baking and make aromatic tarts and biscuits.  Her Mama had a lot of Indonesian friends and travelled to Jakarta to learn from bakery Shifus the unique skills of baking Super Nice Pineapple Tarts.  The Pineapple tarts are shaped like “beehives“, and these help to keep the tarts fresh and their shelf life longer without preservatives.  Lena says Pineapple tarts at her mama shop was and is the Best !!!

Lena only bakes as hobby in her Sengkang home during Holiday Seasons like Chinese New Year.  Her Pineapple Tarts are still made the same way her Mama did 30+years ago.  Friends started ordering from her after trying.   Limited Quantity Only!.  You cannot get it from other commercial stores!  Very Unique, Rich and Buttery Aroma !  MUST TRY !!!

To Pre-order,  Whatsapp or Call Lena at 9088 2774  ( Order earlier during festive season!  Limited quantities !!! )

Beginning…Beehive Pineapple Tarts

A lot of efforts, handmade one by one, and all done just like Mama way 30+years ago

Lena bakes other types of tarts. cookies.  A Master in Baking with many years of hands-on experience. 

Cashew Cookies

Cornflakes Cookies

Cornflakes Cookies in Containers


Pineapple tarts : Small Container $18 (about 30pcs) & Big Container $32 (about 52 – 54pcs) 

All the way from Indonesia to Sengkang.  

For those interested in her pineapple tarts, you can preorder by WhatsApp her directly at +65 90882774Limited quantities only. First Come First Serve.  Once the quantity is reached, you have to wait for some time before you can put this “beehives” sweetness into your mouth !



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