Punggol Oasis Terraces – Integrated Shopping Mall With Polyclinic

Oasis Terraces is the new integrated development that bring together Punggol’s New Neighbourhood Centre and Punggol Polyclinic. Facilities includes sheltered community plaza, communal gardens, play spaces, gyms, retail spaces, dining, learning spaces and healthcare facilities.  All under one roof with direct access Oasis LRT station on one side and the other facing Punggol Waterways.

For Punggol Polyclinic at Oasis Terraces, check out http://sengkangtopunggol.sg/punggol-polyclinic-oasis-lrt-punggol/,  now you can eat and shop while going for your medical checkups at polyclinic.

Oasis Terraces Neighbourhood Centre Shopping Mall added lots of retail shops, education & shopping options to Punggol Residents. Basement 1, #B1-01 Anchor Tenant  NTUC FairPrice opening hours starts early from 7am to 11pm.  There is a Singapore Pools outlet located within NTUC Fairprice and there are two ATM machines POSB and OCBC located just outside NTUC entrance. Besides Swee Heng Confectionery, Ya Kun Toast are some of the popular stores you can find at Basement 1.

Oasis Terraces NTUC Fairprice at #B1-01. Opening Hours: 7am to 11pm.

Highlights Oasis Terrace Level 1 include The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish, Baskin Robins, Anytime Fitness and eateries Penang Kitchen, Lau Wang Claypot (1985), Japanese Tendo Go, Korean Chiksoo and Rise & Grind Coffee Cafe.  Level 2 Crystal Jade Dim Sum,  Poofer, Starbucks & Japanese food Tampopo.  Popular Bookstore and Saizeriya are located at Level 3.  King of Hotpot and the only foodcourt by Koufu Gourmet Paradise with direct link bridge to Punggol Polyclinic is at Level 4.   Lots of Education / Music / Enrichment learning shops like Heguru , Super Genius Preschool,   Cristofori Music, Dancepointe Academy, Color Palette / Sciencewerkz / Playfacto / Raymond Math & Science Studio can be found on Level 4 & 5.   The following is a full list of shop tenants of Oasis Terrace.

Oasis Terraces Shopping Mall Store Directory:

Basement 1:

NTUC FairPrice (#B1-01), Fruitbox (#B1-02), R&B Tea (#B1-03), Swee Heng 1989 Classic (#B1-04), Kim Able Household (#B1-07), Hockhua Tonic (#B1-08), Summer Tidbits House (#B1-09), QQ Soya Bean (#B1-13), Tastes of Taiwan (#B1-15), 1A Crispy Puff (#B1-16), Eastern Rice Dumpling (#B1-18).  OCBC & POSB ATMs.  Yakun.

Level 1:

Parkway Shenton Medical Clinic (#01-01), Pets’ Station (#01-02/03), EC Club Cafe (#01-04), Baskin & Robins (#01-05), Rise & Grind Coffee Co (#01-06), Chiksoo (#01-07), The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish (#01-09/10/11), KFC (#01-13), Tendon Go (#01-14), Lau Wang Claypot Delights (#01-15), Anytime Fitness Punggol Oasis (#01-16), Eyecare 24/7 (#01-18), Kinghub Mobile (#01-19), Guardian Singapore (#01-22/23/24/25)Venus Beauty (#01-26/27), Myeongdong Korean Inspired Hair Salon (#01-28), Kcuts (#01-29), Tay Junction (#01-31/32/33), Aquapetz Kulture (#03-36), Qiji (#01-37/38), Penang Kitchen (#01-40/41)

Level 2:

7 Eleven (#02-04/05/06), Poofer Boulangerie (#02-07/08)Chateraise (#02-11), Shimmer & Shine (#02-14), The Blues (#02-18/19/20), Tampopo (#02-24/25), Dreams Collage (#02-34), Starbucks (#02-35), Crystal Jade Dim Sum (#02-36), McDonald’s (02-37/38)

Level 3:

Ximi Vogue (#03-01), My Gym (#03-02-04), Epitex Home Linen Gallery (#03-05), Tiny Heart Cottage (#03-06), Saizeriya (#03-07/08), All Smile Dental Care Punggol (#03-10), Ducks & Crafts (#03-12), Popular Bookstore (#03-15/16), Eye Gallery (#03-17), Brainy Toys (#03-19)

Level 4:

Gourmet Paradise by Koufu (#04-01), King of Hotpot (#04-02), Heguru Education Centre (#04-04), BabySPA (#04-05), Nada Icutz (#04-06), Xpress Foot Wellness (#04-09), Learning Point (#04-10), Hua Cheng (#04-11).

Level 5:

Super Genius Preschool (#05-01/02/08/09/10), Cristofori Music School, Dancepointe Academy (#05-05), Color Palette (#05-06), Yenji Clay Craft (#05-07), Sciencewerkz (#05-11), Playfacto School​ (#05-12), Raymond Math & Science Studio (#05-13/14).

Snapshots @ Punggol Oasis Terraces

Oasis Terraces & Punggol Polyclinic , view from the Linkbridge from Punggol waterways.

Oasis Terraces Main Signage facing Punggol Drive and Oasis LRT station

Shelter Community Plaza at Oasis Terraces. Super high ceiling with Giant TV screen. This will be the communal space for events and activities for residents !

This wide and spacious alley line up Starbucks, Crystal Jade Dim Sum & MacDonalds fronting Level 2.

Mini colourful Merlion at Punggol Oasis.

Oasis Terraces NTUC Fairprice at #B1-01. Opening Hours: 7am to 11pm. There is a Singapore Pools outlet located within NTUC Fairprice and there are two ATM machines POSB and OCBC located just outside NTUC entrance.

Starbucks (#02-35), Crystal Jade Dim Sum (#02-36), McDonald’s (02-37/38). Nice Breakfast / Brunch eating area at Punggol Oasis Terraces ! An ideal place for a cup of good coffee too

Rise & Grind Coffee Co (#01-06) : A good place for Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch or dinner @ Oasis Terraces

Chateraise (#02-11), imported directly from Japan

The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish (#01-09/10/11)

The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish (#01-09/10/11)

Popular Bookstore (#03-15/16) : So Popular !!! Boy pulling Daddy into Bookstore ! A future scholar !!!

Mini Playground for Kids !

Punggol Polyclinic at Oasis Terraces

Punggol Polyclinic Directory and its list of services available

#04-01 Gourmet Paradise by Koufu with full view of Oasis LRT station. Natural Lighting with Large Window Panels.

#04-01 Gourmet Paradise by Koufu Foodcourt added a lot of food options to residents in Punggol & Sengkang !


Address: OASIS TERRACE, #04 Gourmet Paradise (Koufu) Foodcourt, 670A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821670 , Punggol.

The main star of KL Traditional Chilli Noodle is the Homemade Fried Chilli Flakes !!!  There are 5 Level of SPICINESS, Level 1 being the most mild and Level 5 is the MOST SPICY !!! They are placed at the front of the counter for you to add to your order.  Choose your level spiciness and add the amount of homemade Chilli Flakes you desired !!!  They have 4 other branches at Vivocity, Macpherson, Serangoon Garden, Tampines Century Square.  MUST TRY !!!

Super Chilli Power 5 !!! Be bold and fiery to try Level 5. Warning: Not for the faint hearted. Get your tissue paper ready even before putting them into your mouth !!!

The Noodle Bowl comes with ingredients like minced meat, ikan billis, poached egg, porkballs/ fishballs.  You may order their Prawn/Abalone/Scallop Signature Bowls with added cost. Usual Bowl cost $5 and its combo Bowl cost $7.50.     MUST TRY !!!

KL Chilli Noodle at Oasis Terrace Gourmet Paradise Foodcourt by Koufu. Super nice Chilli Flakes

Stir up the Spiciness !!!

KL Chili Mee Stall at Gourmet Paradise by Koufu (#04-01)



Address: OASIS TERRACE, #01-40/41, 670A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821670 , Punggol.

This Penang Specialty Stall serves Assam Laksa, Lor Mee, Prawn Noodle, Fried Hokkien Noodle….and last but not least, the KL Noodle 吉隆坡大碌麵。  i have not laid my taste buds on KL noodle for a long time, so i ordered !!!  They fried it Live in front of me, watching from the glass window panels separating the 3 flaming woks and the public.   Nice black gravy !!!  Setup!!!

Wok-hei, tasty sauce and fresh ingredients

Live Cooking ! Cze Cha Style

Penang Kitchen (#01-40/41)

More Snapshots @ Punggol Oasis Terraces

Lau Wang Claypot Delights (#01-15) :  Since 1985 !!! Signature Sesame Chicken Claypot $5.20. Sambal Seafood Claypot $8.50, Herbal Frogleg Soup $8.50

Tendon Go (#01-14) : Punggol Oasis Terraces Tendon Go: Nice Japanese-Donburi

Chiksoo (#01-07) : Oasis Terraces Chik Soo Korean Kitchen. A place to eat korean delicacies here…

Tampopo (#02-24/25) :  Authentic Japanese Flavours at Oasis Terraces

King of Hotpot (#04-02) !!!

Gourmet Paradise by Koufu (#04-01): Nice Desserts – Mango Longan on Ice, White Fungus with Papaya, Cheng Tng available at Koufu Foodcourt.

My Gym (#03-02-04):  My Gym @ Oasis Terraces

Anytime Fitness Punggol Oasis (#01-16):  Anytime Fitness Gym – 24hours at Oasis Terraces

Oasis Terraces is very accessible to all.  You can take LRT to Punggol Oasis LRT Station, or by walking up from Punggol Waterways.  Enjoy shopping and eating at Oasis Terraces !!!

If you enjoy eating, you may be interested inhttp://sengkangtopunggol.sg/eat-eat-eat-all-the-way-from-sengkang-to-punggol/.   Cheers !


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