Once Upon a Time in Sengkang & Punggol


The idea of this post is to share interesting and nice photos that are taken in various parts of Sengkang and Punggol estates.  It will be updated from time to time.  It can be random because sometimes i may see something interesting in my photo archive and decide to post it here.

Punggol Robot

20181010:  Punggol is spelled Ponggol ? Well, i found this photo while browsing my pictures in the old archives. i remembered i saw this life-sized robot at one of the road signage at Ponggol 24th Avenue, located near Punggol End, near Punggol Jetty and Punggol Settlement area. Did you noticed the “5 1” by the side of the robot and the Singapore Map on its Body ?  i guess it must be one of the Artists who uses robots to commemorate Singapore 51st National Birthday !!!. Take a Glance at this Road Signage for robot next time you passed by there along Punggol Road.  It might be Singapore’s Optimus Prime !!!! More than meets the eye 😉

20180915 6.40pm: On a Saturday evening, i capture this moment at Punggol PCN Opposite Coney Island. Father and young Son holding hands, both on their own separate motorised Unicycle. A beautiful heart-warming moment, with father and son advancing through the long and winding path, hand in hand.  How nice !

20180414:  Otters Swimming in water should be the usual sight in Sengkang & Punggol. This is My first time spotting an Otter playing on Sand. Location : Sungei Serangoon Park Connectore PCN Opposite RiverSound Residences. (Under Buangkok East Drive flyover)

20180808: Sengkang Floating Wetland , Opposite Sengkang Sport Centre. Pre-Dawn

20180802: Jewel Bridge @ Punggol Waterways, Sunset Strip. Night

20180602: Wild Boar Family Spotted on way back to Punggol from Pasir Ris Faraway 3.

20171217: Sniper Monitor Lizard @ Sungei Serangoon Park Connector (Sengkang) opposite Blk 121D. It is very unusual to see a Monitor Lizard resting so high up, Usually i see them roaming on the ground. It is my first time spotting a “Sniper” Monitor Lizard !!!

20171217: Sniper Monitor Lizard @ Sungei Serangoon Park Connector (Sengkang) opposite Blk 121D. Zoom in.

20171217: Sniper Monitor Lizard @ Sungei Serangoon Park Connector (Sengkang) opposite Blk 121D. Max Zoom !!! Spotted its prey and Ready to Take a Plunge ?

20160809:   On 9th August 2016 (our National Day), Master Yogi Tortise, practising its yoga move , a full head-neck and hind legs full arch stance !!!  And on a steep slope too !!! A Salute to its flexibility and endurance!!! Pictured at small man-made Pond at Punggol Promenade in between Punggol Settlement and Punggol Jetty.

20160705 : Bird-watching enthusiasts their long-range Zoom lens.  They are enjoying their wildlife Photography!!!  Patiently waiting for bird to fly by a specific spot at Outward Bound School near Punggol Jetty.

20160118: The Vintage Litterbin on Coney Island is for Display Use Only. It was believed to be left behind by Indian Businessman who bought Coney Island in the 1950s and wanted to model it into a resort with the same name after New York’s Coney Island. Next time you are in Coney Island, do not use this as the trash bin. Notice the sticker ” FOR DISPLAY ONLY” ?

20151127:   Sengkang “LION” dog,  its majestic fur was so beautiful and well groomed by its owner.

20151127: Can do Lion dance on its own !!!

20150322: So Luck to meet a whole Jing Gang of Otters swimming and coming up the shore at Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk Park Connector (PCN).

Enjoy Sengkang and Punggol.


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